How to Create 10X Content to Boost Your Link Earning Strategy

Heard the term Content is king before? Of course you have! It’s the first thing we digital marketers learn. But what do you do when there’s too much content, most of it poorly written and unhelpful?

To catch your reader’s eye, make your content stand out from the current deluge of content marketing. This is easier said than done though, but it’s not impossible. 10X content can help you with the process.

Just increase your knowledge about how it brings your work to the forefront, and improve your link building strategy.

Find out more below.

The Beauty of 10X Content

Imagine you produced a content that was 10 times better than anything else in the search engine results pages. That is basically what we mean by 10X content. But what makes this content so great? It all boils down to these 8 commandments.

  • Produce high quality and unique content that piques the interest of your readers.
  • Make sure the information you present is accurate and relevant, and helpful to them in some way.
  • Ensure that the scope of content differs from other works serving the same user intent or visitor. And by “different”, we mean more detailed.
  • Try to evoke an emotional response from your readers through your content. Bring them joy, gain their admiration, and elicit feelings of admiration – and only then will your content be considered 10X.
  • Adopt a remarkable and unexpected medium or style of delivering content.
  • Make sure your content answers a question or solves a problem by offering accurate, comprehensive, and exceptional resources or information.
  • Include great UX and UI for the content, irrespective of device.

Fulfill all the criteria listed above and you can successfully create high-value 10X content that meets the requirements of the consumers while maintaining a high level of intelligence and quality.

Follow these steps if you wish to create 10X content easily:

Be Thorough with Your Research

Failure to develop 10X content is often due to the marketer’s unfamiliarity with this sort of content. So, to get a better idea about what’s popular among readers, you need to type in a few of your search queries into Google and look at the top search results. Also, check out what’s trending on various social media platforms. Figure out the type of content readers want and appreciate using this information, and give your content creation efforts a fixed purpose and direction.

For example, type in “baskets” on Google, and you will be flooded with results from different targeted markets. But unless your brand makes baskets for every kind of occasion, that search term will be too broad or too difficult a topic for a specific post. Instead, choose something like “picnic baskets” or “laundry baskets”, and your search will become a lot more specific and useful.

Conduct your own market research to locate gaps in the market, which is one of the cardinal rules of marketing. Learn what’s missing from the market, so that it becomes easier to mold your content to fit that vacant slot and achieve success. Keep tabs on your industry influencers so you can connect, follow, and read what they share. Not only will this help you establish a relationship with a significant industry individual, but it will also provide inspiration for fresh content.

Provide Answers to Your Readers’ Questions

Craft your content in a way that it answers all of the readers’ questions. Only then will your content be considered truly great. Think about the questions answered by your content when you research the content most shared among your chosen search queries. Try to grasp what’s being asked by your readers and what kind of answers are being offered through your content. You can arm yourself with this knowledge and write engaging and unique content that answers the users’ questions.

For example, people always prefer newer content. Among the following two posts:

  • Update Your Marketing Strategy with New SEO Techniques, dated 25th September, 2010.
  • Update Your Marketing Strategy with New SEO Techniques, dated 14th May, 2015.

Which would you read? So, make sure your content is timely and contains useful, relevant information if you want it to answer their questions and grab the readers’ attention.

Enhance the Experience for Users

Yes, we’ve repeatedly harped on about the importance of content, and how it can help you attract visitors. But what then? Make sure your website matches up to the quality of your content. Otherwise, it won’t be long before you start losing valuable readers once they find out your site:

  • is not easily navigable
  • takes a long time to load properly
  • has a poor layout
  • is incompatible with mobile devices

No matter how good your content is, your readers will opt out of your site if it lacks certain features. For example, users crave for content that they can interact with easily. If your site constantly turns up 404 errors, you can be sure they are not going to stay for long. So, choose a user-friendly website and pay attention to user feedback as well.

Keep Visuals in Mind

Never underestimate the power of visuals. They help your content achieve the next level. So, use them as much as possible. In fact, 10X content relies immensely on good visuals. Employ some eye-catching videos, pictures, infographics, and screenshots to make your content that much more potent. In fact, according to the results of a survey, 41.5 percent of marketers found infographics and other original graphics to be the most engaging. Visuals can elevate your content, and provide a better user experience and understanding.

Always Use Reliable Information

It is not enough to use links in your content if the website you’re linking to have low DA scores and quality. To create 10X content, you must source data from the highest quality websites. Also, ensure that your linking practices are exceptional.

Be Prepared to Repeat This

Creating 10X content is straightforward, but time-consuming. And by time-consuming, we mean that you might have to repeat all the steps a few times before you get a hit. Practice and experimentation are great when it comes to figuring out what works and what doesn’t for boosting your link earning strategy. When you follow these steps again and again, you start developing a sixth sense that lets you uncover the best possible way to present your content in a unique manner and make a splash on the Internet.

10X content is a great way to draw customers to your website and improve your link building strategy at the same time. It might be awhile before you get used to it, but as soon as you get the hang of the process, sky’s the limit.