How to Create a Voice with Your Content

If you are a writer, and making a living off your words, producing great content regularly is supposedly your greatest struggle. You may lose the inspiration to write eventually. This is why you have to create a voice with your content.

The best way to stick with writing is penning down things that matter to you, or those you know. Here, we will give you a clear insight on this subject.

Write Stuff That Provokes You

If you want to keep writing, write about matters that provoke you. In case you depend on your content for your living, you are unknowingly making the following mistakes:

  • Forcing yourself to write product reviews (promoting consumerism)
  • Writing about stuff that doesn’t inspire you
  • Writing content to rank keywords with low competition

The key to becoming successful is creating something with your voice that you can resell over and over again. You need to put an edge in your writing to keep everyone interested.

Write Stuff You Know About

If you believe no one will pay a good amount for every piece of content you write, you should drop it.  Consider why anyone would come across your content. People use Search Engines to find answers to their questions. This is the fundamental task of your content.

To have spark in your content, you need a well-researched post that is rich with snaps, graphs, etc. The subject should be something you care about. So, pick topics you have a knack for.

It can be a question you don’t know the answer to, a statement you want to make… anything that could help others. It can also be a question whose answer you already know, and would like to explain to someone.

There should be some curiosity. As said by teachers, curiosity activities help to improve his student results.

Offer Value

This is a common mistake. Readers are getting smarter, and they need something insightful. They scan through your content to see whether it’s fluff or something valuable. If your content doesn’t interest the audience, they will move on and increase your bounce rate.

Therefore, you need to create something that people would want to read. So, focus on the following points while curating content:

  • Have a Central Theme.
  • Get a Defining Structure (Important Outline Points).
  • Refer Source Material.
  • Give Personal Examples with facts (add links from authoritative sites).
  • Make it easy to navigate.
  • Add Images, graphs, etc.

And do offer a good answer to the question!

Keep it Short

Long isn’t necessarily good. With the current buzz of higher ranking, most content creators stretch their work. Unfortunately, they have misinterpreted the message that Google ranks longer articles of 2,000 words more often.

The deciding factor is not length. Instead, it is better explanation with more sub-topics and well-researched facts. Therefore, writing a 5,000-word article that fails to offer any value won’t do any good.

Think of the content as a conversation and emphasize on your focal point with supporting facts to strengthen your argument. Therefore, design your content like a casual conversation and maintain your tone while addressing the audience.

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