How to Design an Exciting Logo for a Blog

Beginning a new website and blog tends to be an exciting part of a business. You will have your domain along with the site. You can also develop wonderful features for the site, like your brand logo. This can seem fun, but you may not know where to begin. You can find many online tools, and there are apps and software which can help you design a logo for your blog.

Continue reading on to find out how you can design a fitting logo for your blog.

It should look good in whatever size

Good logos tend to look good when they are big and also when they are small. If the logo is on a billboard, business card, or even a header, it should be easy to spot. The logo should be such that it can easily be resized perfectly for any medium.

It should look good in black and white

Pick a logo that looks good whether it is in color or black and white. The logo should be such that it can be recognized when it is in black and also when it is in white. A case may arise where the logo will have to be monochromatic. Remember this when designing this important part of your business.

Define your brand personality 

The logo should communicate your brand’s personality. You, therefore, have to know what your brand’s main personality is. Figure out what makes your business unique. Also, consider what the brand is about. If you know this, you can select a good design which complements the brand.

You need to consider who your audience is. Make a logo that will speak to them. If you are speaking to kids, your logo needs to be colorful, fun and exciting. If you are speaking to middle-aged people, the logo needs to be decent. If your blog concerns homemakers, you need a logo that speaks to them.

There is way much competition out there; therefore, you need something that will make people choose you over all the other blogs present.

Look at the competition

You can get some ideas by checking out what the competition is doing. Figure out what works well when it comes to your audience. Look for what should be avoided. When you are looking at what other blogs have done, consider what makes those businesses different from yours.

Also, think about how these differences can be emphasized in the logo design. Remember that you need to set yourself apart from the competition. For instance, if the competition is monochrome, you could go for color.

Having your own blog is exciting. Nevertheless, you need to spend some decent time in developing the blog and making it look so amazing so that people will want to visit it.

An important part of a blog is its logo. This can make your blog unique and memorable. A logo is something that’s viewed first when visiting a blog. Therefore, it should stand out.

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