How To Draw Attention To Your Brand In The Crowded Internet Landscape

If you’re looking to build your brand, it’s important that you make it as personable as possible.

We live in the time where not only is it more important than ever to make personal connections with your brand, it’s also far more possible.

The power and reach of gatekeepers aren’t what they are, because the most powerful media in the world is now in the hands of everyday individuals. You have marketing power in your pocket that companies and brands would have paid fortunes for in another era.

With this in mind, you need to be sure that you’re able to capitalize on the more than 3 billion internet users out there. This is where your branding power comes into play, and you’ll capitalize on it when you try some of the strategies below.

Make “Free” The Top Marketing Priority 

The true power of marketing lies not only in what you do, but what you give away.

As previously mentioned, there are currently 3 billion people using the internet today. While this opens you up to a vast market, it also makes opens you up to more competition.

People are a bit more picky about what they pay for since there’s an immeasurable amount of free content spread across the net.

The key to growing your sales and brand as a whole is to give away as much quality content as you can. This way, people will subscribe, join your email list, give you social media follows and basically begin tuning in to your brand each and every day. From here, you have opening to sell your products and services to an audience that wants to hear from you.

Social media giant Gary Vaynerchuk preaches this, and calls the philosophy “Jab, jab, right hook.”

What this means is that you need to “set up” the user by providing value on the front end and for free, so that you can make the hard sell later and draw in money.

Your strategy should be to use your free content as a feeder system for building this audience of people. This works tremendously whether you’re making YouTube videos, publishing e-books or just posting funny clips on social media.

It all counts, so know your brand and use it to your advantage. 

Continuously Ramp Up Your Production Quality 

While what you say is critical, you need to be sure that it’s also pleasing to the ear and eye.

If you post videos, invest in the best camera that you can find. You should be able to get a quality DSLR camera for a few hundred dollars, or can get great video with today’s new smartphones.

However, the true test is the audio. People are more likely to forgive poor video if the audio is clear, but bad audio will instantly make someone click out.

Become adept at your editing software of choice and put some time, thought and focus into every piece of content that you decide to put out to the world.

Perhaps most importantly, make it mobile optimized, because people today see all media through their smartphones and tablets. These numbers grow each year, and it’s clear that mobile web design is here to stay and where people’s attention will continue to gravitate over the next several years.

Quickly Adapt To The New Tools  

You also need to be skilled at whatever tool you choose to employ.

If YouTube is where you choose to grow your brand, make sure that you’re familiar with their keywords, techniques and algorithms. If you use Snapchat, figure out what content does well on this platform and how you can leverage it to grow your brand.

It’s not about what platform is hot, it’s about what you do with your audience once you draw them in. What works for Instagram won’t necessarily work for Periscope, so put in the thought and time to learn each tool to the best of your ability.

If you use these tips you’ll be better able to grow attention in the right way, and use it to your advantage.

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