How To Find The Right Influencers For Your Business?

If you own a business, chances are you’ve tried a lot of marketing strategies, that may or may not have been successful. And, let’s be honest, social media marketing has probably been a part of your marketing strategy. Of course, that is a great move, because nowadays, around 63% of marketers recommend social media marketing; however, they’ve also included an entirely new way of marketing. It turns out influencers are a big hit among marketers, business owners, and of course, customers. Hiring an influencer is a rather recent occurrence in the marketing word, but has proved to be one of the most effective.

However, hiring an influencer to promote your business, brand, products or services is not as easy as many would think. An influencer needs to connect with the audience, earn their trust and use their authenticity to promote, let’s say, a brand and hopefully generate new and loyal customers. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right influencers, that will fit your brand and attract the targeted audience. Here are some tips that can help you choose the influencer that suits your business the best. But, before we jump right into the tips, make sure to visit Edusson in case you also need assignment help, or excellent content writing for your brand’s website or blog.

1. Know your audience

Your audience is actually the most important aspect of your marketing strategy; regardless of whether you are hiring an influencer or choosing some other way of promotion, knowing the people are you are reaching out to is of utmost importance. Because an influencer will have to attract a specific audience, knowing whom to target will also help you choose the right influencer. For example, if an influencer promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle, and you are selling organic or vegan products, of course, that influencer will fit your brand excellently. Why? Basically, you’re in the same niche, and you have the same target audience; people who care about their health and staying in shape.

Overall, your target audience needs to be the same as the influencer’s audience. If you don’t know who are the people you’re targeting by doing this promotion, then your marketing strategy might fail in the very beginning. Which brings us to;

2.   Know the influencer

Of course, it is not only important that you and the influencer share the same audience; it takes much more to evaluate an influencer as fit for the promotion of your brand. For example, here are some parameters that are important in choosing the right influencer:

  • Outreach

In order to make this social media strategy work in favor of promoting the brand and attracting new customers, the influencer needs to have a decent number of followers. The outreach of the influencer on social media can actually make it or break it for you because if the following is small, your promotion won’t bear any fruits.

  • Authenticity

It is also essential to hire an influencer who is unique, authentic and who is trustworthy. This is especially crucial to this social media marketing strategy because the influencer needs to sound genuine and trustworthy in order to have the audience believe your brand is not a scam or a lie. Because the audience can see a post is sponsored, they tend to walk away from such promotions, but if the influencer is authentic and trustworthy, then you might get somewhere.

  • Personality

When trying to find the right influence for brand promotion, it is essential to pay attention to the influencer’s personality. Their personality needs to be in line with the value and message of your brand because only then will the promotion seem genuine and believable. It’s not like you’re trying to scam your audience, but hiring someone who fits your brand in all aspects will resonate with the potential customers and make the campaign successful.

  • Niche

We’ve mentioned this before, but can’t emphasize it enough; it is essential to hire an influencer who shares the same niche with you. If you’re selling beauty products, make sure to hire an influencer who does makeup and beauty on their social media. This seems like a thing of logic, but you’d be surprised to see how many brands hire influencers that are totally not in their niche.

3.    Know your budget

In case you didn’t know, doing brand promotions with influencers can cost a lot of money. Because the trend of hiring influencers is growing daily, the prices per post of promotion are also increasing rapidly. Even though it is beneficial for both parties to do business with influencers, it is important to establish a budget and target influencers that fit those numbers as well. But, you need to know that the better you pay the influencer, the higher the chance you will establish a long-term partnership. This will enable your product to pop out on their feed more often and receive the exposure to a higher number of people.

In case you are new to this, and you don’t really know how the prices of posts really work, you can consult various online tools. These tools allow you to check the estimated cost per post, the engagement rate as well as ROI. There are also numerous online post-cost calculators that can help you during the price negotiations and payment estimates, so make sure to look into those as well. These can be really handy for those who are just starting with this social marketing strategy.