How To Gain An Edge In The Mobile Marketing World

Long ago, marketing efforts for small businesses did not require mobile marketing.  However, times are changing and business budgets need to include mobile marketing to compete and be able to prosper.  Marketing statistics show that mobile advertising officially overtook desktop advertising in 2017 and it seems to be growing.  Therefore, the trends point at marketing on mobile devices for future endeavors.

Mobile Priority – Now that mobile devices are being used more frequently than desktops, developers need to focus on mobile device optimization first and then integrate the desktop version after the success of the mobile pages.

Hire Professionals – There are professionals that provide mobile marketing optimization and know the ins and outs of the business. Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to mobile marketing and spend your time and resources on your business, and not the mobile marketing world.

Mobile-Friendly Content – Write your marketing to be easy to read for those on the go. Use several headings and compact tabs to make it easy to view on small screens and mobile devices. Also, make sure the potential customer gets the most information possible with the fewest number of clicks.

Modify SEO to Mobile Marketing – Make sure that you have your search engine optimization targeting mobile device searches. Since people are on the go, the searches they perform are much more concise and exact. When desktop searches are performed there is more time to create a detailed search. SEO needs to target shorter and more concise keywords.

Mobile Marketing – Your guide to customer engagement on a handheld device

There is an ebook that addresses all the ways to become successful in the mobile marketing world.

Current Audience – This book discusses the current audience and their movement from desktop to mobile devices. The trend is growing and leaning more towards mobile device searching than desktop devices, so the marketing needs to move in the same direction.

Welcome – This ebook discusses how to grow your mobile reach to get more customers looking at your business.  Getting customers to notice you and to stay engaged is all a part of business.

After Sales – This ebook also covers the best way to deliver a 5-star aftersales experience.  It shows how purchases can be translated into SMSes and shared with the customer.

Nurture – The ebook gives insight on how to keep your customers and ensure they remain loyal over the years.

Re-Engage – Gaining a customer is five times harder than actually retaining a customer.  This is why it is important to re-engage customers and create programs and targeted emails that keep them coming back.

Dotmailer can help with creating personalized emails, targeting contacts through social media, and sending push notifications to app users. It is also effective at delivering SMS across 156 countries. This ebook can help automate your marketing program and allow you to spend more time on your actual business.

Start your journey to mobile marketing success by downloading this book.

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