How to Get More Social Shares for Your Blog Posts

Coming up with well-written content for a blog is important, but generating enough traffic via social media is a different story. Top bloggers often get a lot of social media shares, which raises the question: how do they do that?

Although social media share counts may be a bit of a vanity metric, there are actually a lot of awesome benefits that come with it. For example, it helps grow one’s e-mail list much faster than those who don’t get enough social media shares. More bloggers will volunteer to contribute to a page with a significant amount of following — exposing the website to a wider range of potential followers.

Bloggers who are new to the business can get a significant boost on social media shares by doing the following:

Interview, Link To, or Quote Experts

One great way to increase a blogger’s credibility is by quoting a fellow influencer or linking to a high-quality resource. Directly involving other influencers in the process of content creation helps a blogger generate more social shares. Those who are mentioned in every blog post are also likely to share the content with their own networks.

The first step is to identify which influencers to interview. Tools to find the names of top bloggers are available online (i.e. BuzzSumo, Authority Spy, Followerwonk, Inkybee, etc.), but those who have been blogging for a while already have an idea of who the key players are.

They can contribute to a blog by giving a quote or doing a group interview with more influencers in the same niche.

Make Use of Social Media Sharing Buttons

Readers are more interested in websites that make life easier for them. If a blogger makes it easy for his/her followers to share content, chances are, they will do it.

Social sharing buttons are used to integrate social media into a blog. Whether it’s the Twitter button or the row of share buttons found at the end of a page, they all give bloggers a better chance at having an increased social sharing count.

In terms of finding the right buttons, it all depends on the target audience. It’s entirely up to the blogger to decide which networks his/her followers are using and avoiding. Those who are still not sure can include all the sharing buttons for a while until they find out which options suit their audience.

Increase Visual Content

In a time of information overload, an engaging way to prevent readers from being overwhelmed is by using visuals. This is where the use of infographics come into play since they transform hard-to-digest content into beautiful, interesting information.

For instance, a blogger can use online photo editing tools to turn a long, boring paragraph stating facts into visual data. Research proves visual content on blogs generate more social media shares because they are easy to read.

Based on Backlinko’s research that studied more than one million search engine results pages, blog posts with images rank much higher than those without any visual content. It’s important to note that higher rankings mean more social shares. Content that shows up first on search engines like Google typically gets more social shares and traffic.

Discover Trending Topics by Using Google Trends

Relevant, breaking news usually get the most social shares. However, considering the fast-paced 24-hour news cycle, stories easily come and go. To keep up with the trending topics online, bloggers can use Google Trends.

Google Trends gives an overview of the current trending insights, trending topics and news stories in a specific country. Bloggers can take advantage of this by combing through what’s in and spinning any of the stories for their own content.

Wrapping It Up

Getting more social shares always equates to winning over audiences. Those who want more social shares for their content must put in the extra effort to create the kind of content real people would want to share.  Given the right creative material, everyone can generate more exposure for their blog posts.

It’s worth remembering that plenty of strategies can be used to encourage readers to share certain content. Results will not always be instant since blogging generally takes a long-term approach. Soon enough, more shares will lead to increased traffic and a substantial growth in followers.

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