How To Get More Twitter Followers in 2019

Twitter Lists

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms that can drive traffic to your website. With this, you can promote your services or products, convert more clients, and increase your profits.

With Twitter, you can also have an opportunity to link with other users and create connections that can be beneficial to you in the future. You can have an engaged community that will listen and trust you.

Now, here are some tactics that you can try on how to boost your followers in 2019:

Add an Eye-Catching Image

As much as possible, your profile picture must be your image. Your audience would like to know who are they talking to as they interact at your page.

Meanwhile, if you are managing a Twitter account on behalf of the brand where many people have access to the account, you can tag each one of them. As you Tweet, tag the team members so the audience can determine who they are talking to.

In addition, you can even create a header image with faces and names of the team members who have access to the account. If this is not a good option, you can put a link on your about page. Then, add a link to your website and the list of all team members with their individual Twitter accounts. With this, the audience can have an idea of the people who are behind the brand. This technique is as effective as when you buy Twitter followers to gain more traffic.

Make a Unique Header Image

To have an amazing Twitter profile, it is best to add a unique header image. You can use any tool to create a perfect header size for Twitter.

Craft an Engaging Bio

Your bio is a part of the Twitter that tells people who you are and what you do. Optimizing your bio can be a great way to convince people why they should follow you or your brand.

Use the Right Color Scheme

To add character to your Twitter profile, you can add a color scheme. Use the same colors on your blog design to take the process a step further. With this, you can make your brand consistent. Remember, your blog can be one of the greatest assets in having more Twitter followers, thus you want to make it exciting.

Put Tweets in Your Blog Posts

If you wish to attract attention to your tweets, embed them in each of your blog posts. With this, it can significantly boost your engagement.

First, get the Twitter code to embed in your post. Then, add it to the post’s HTML.

Add Tweetable Quotes

One easy and quick way to grow your audience on your blog and Twitter is to use click-to-tweet features on your blog posts. With this, your audience can Tweet quotes from your posts to their profiles, making you gain more traffic and conversion, like you do when you buy Twitter followers.

Don’t Send Multiple Tweets in a Short Period of Time

If you send multiple tweets in a short time only, you will make people unfollow you. Instead, you can schedule your tweets and publish them when necessary.