How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Areas To Focus

Today, keeping the existing customers and attracting the new ones can be challenging for any type of business. More and more companies are struggling to increase customer loyalty, and to keep their customers for life. Happily, digital marketing is always there to help. The key to earning their loyalty is simple: if you want your customers to be loyal to your company, you need to be loyal to them as well.

Many businesses tend to focus their marketing efforts mostly on attracting new customers. This can generate a lot of traffic, but it doesn’t guarantee customer loyalty. Even if you satisfy your customers, loyalty is a behavior which is more important for the future of your company.

Here are a few ways that digital marketing can help you increase customer loyalty:

Marketing Metrics

You need a lot of data in order to be familiar with your audience behavior, and to integrate the findings into your loyalty strategy. Firstly, you should find out how your customers generally find you. Search for Marketing metrics such as the type of search queries that lead to the conversion, the best performing landing pages, the pieces of content that increase your sales the most, etc.. This is super easy to do with Google Analytics integrated with Google Search Console.

In a similar way, track your sales performance. It is essential to find out the average value of your repeat purchase rate, your best performing products, and also the average order value you are noting. Google Analytics will help you gather valuable insight for your sales metrics as well.

Search Engine Optimization

Once you’ve identified your customers’ behavior, as well as your customer persona, it is time to do a search engine optimization in order to improve customer retention and earn loyalty. In this case, the most important thing to do is to optimize your content – both onsite and offsite. After finding out the content your customers mostly engage and interact with, you have a possibility to personalize it in order to capture their attention.

Focus on identifying the keywords that target your customers’ interests, and use relevant long tail keywords instead of using only short tail ones for your content optimization. This way, you can easily personalize search results pages according to your customers’ preferences. Also, don’t forget about technical aspects of your website, because when it is hard to navigate, users are less likely to stay on the page or to engage with it.

Social Media

Being present on social networks is a great way to communicate closely with your customers through direct messages and comments which helps you earn their loyalty. You can also create a sense of community for your followers with social media. For example, encourage them to use your company’s hashtags in their posts, so that they can feel like they belong to a community where they see the like-minded people share posts with similar hashtags. Try to engage with your most active users, and re-share your best content on social media. Offer them different types of rewards for using your hashtags.

Customer loyalty app Say2B lets you reward your customers with coins, gifts and discounts. It also sends notifications with personalized targeted messages. Receiving various gifs and discounts will motivate your customers to stay with your company, and to talk about it with their friends and family even if you don’t ask them to. So, this way, you build customer loyalty with the help of social media and Word-of-Mouth Marketing. You can also share their positive reviews about your business that go hand in hand with customer loyalty.