How to Leverage Content Marketing to Create a Brand Identity

Cutting through all of the noise and competition can be a major struggle for new companies looking to establish themselves in the market. A key component of that struggle is the concept of brand identity.

Once you manage to create a brand identity that your customers come to recognize and appreciate, making your voice heard becomes a much more easily accomplished task. Of course, creating and promoting an effective brand identity is often a struggle in its own right.

While a lot of factors go into creating and promoting a brand identity, one of the most useful strategies you can make use of to establish your brand identity is content marketing. Below, we’ve outlined some of the ways that content marketing helps you establish a brand identity and promote it to your audience.

Develop Your Brand’s Voice

Part of establishing your brand’s identity is to create a unique voice and approach within the content that you publish. Of course, the only way to establish a voice that customers will come to recognize is to publish large amounts of content that is all written with the same style, voice, and approach.

One great way to do this is to hire a freelance writer or team of writers and work with them to develop the tone of writing that you are looking for. Once you are satisfied with the content they produce, work with the same writer(s) to create all of the content that you publish. Explain to them the importance of maintaining a consistent voice and style and carefully ensure that all of the content they produce is written within the confines of your brand’s identity.

If you do this, you can begin to churn out content that adds together to help you establish a unique voice and style that customers will come to associate with your brand.

Stay on Top of Recent Trends and News

Chances are that customers who are interested in your company will be interested in the industry that you operate within as well. With this being the case, they’re likely to value content that covers recent trends and news that are pertinent to your industry.

Providing value to your audience is a big part of establishing a brand identity. Even if all your brand is known for is providing value in the form of content covering recent trends and news, you will still have managed to create a brand identity that your audience will have a favorable opinion of.

Stay on top of what’s going on in your industry as well as trends and news that will affect your audience, and try to publish content covering these topics as quickly as possible.

Establishing a Brand Identity Through Content that You Share

Not all of the content that you offer to your audience necessarily has to be content that you write and publish yourself. Sharing third-party content that fits your brand’s message and voice allows you to achieve many of the brand-building benefits of content marketing without having to go to the trouble of writing and publishing a piece of content on your own.

Of course, sharing content alone does not make for an entirely effective content marketing strategy. You should still be writing and publishing as much of your own content as possible. With that said, sharing content that fits within your brand’s identity is a great way to provide your audience with even more valuable content than you would otherwise be able to.

In the end, customers pay just as much attention to who shared a piece of content as they do where that content was published. Leveraging this fact enables you to further hone your brand identity in a way that requires minimal effort.

Consistency is Key

From the content that you share to the content that you publish on your own blog to the content that makes up your web pages, maintaining consistency is the key to using content marketing to create your brand identity.

Once you determine the unique style, voice, and approach that you want to convey through the content that defines your brand, it essential to ensure that all of the content you share or publish fits within these confines.

Establishing a brand identity using content marketing requires both time and consistency. Customers must learn what to expect out of the content associated with your brand before they ever even read it. If you can get your customers to this point, though, your brand identity will be established.


Establishing a brand identity offers value in a variety of ways. Most importantly, it allows you to rise above the countless other voices vying for your audience’s attention and imprint your message in their minds.

By leveraging content marketing in a way that promotes a specific brand identity, you can establish both value and recognizability for your brand that will serve you for as long as your company is in operation.