How to Make Your SEO Insights More Accurate for Local Niches

When you define the best ways to promote your website targeted on a local audience there’s always a question that arises – what is the best way to do this? The thing is most of the tools are dedicated to providing scale effect and it can be tough to concentrate on the local audience you need traffic from. This is the reason why local news media are struggling against the huge media giants that cannot provide quality content for the local audience though. However, it is going to change due to the new policies of Google and Facebook. And you can use that for good if you use corresponding tools.

You Should Know How The Search Query Looks for the Locals

When you decide on your SEO strategy, the first thing you should do is to understand how the search query looks for the local users. Of course, there are many factors affecting pages that appear upon query, but geo factors matter as well. So the best way for you is to use VPN service that would allow you to get a specific area assigned IP and see what is displayed when you press Local button. You can find the most accurate VPN reviews on, so make your choice wisely to use the most convenient service.

After you get a VPN extension for your browser, you can define what the local users really see in the top of Google and build a SEO strategy using the best moves top sites possess.

How Google Helps You With This?

It is known that Google has recently released a Bulletin app which allows users to publish local news  – and the news posted this way is going to get high traffic due to the fact such a type of content is going to be prioritized for local users.

For now, you can request local access for this app and try it out. In a few months it is going to become a powerful tool for news makers and publishers. And you should use this future tool to increase traffic on your website.

How Facebook Helps You With This

Facebook is trying to make the News Feed as optimal as possible for users’ good, and decided to prioritize local publishers as well. From now on users will see more content released by the local publishers in the News Feed.

This means that if you are owning any kind of online business that is associated with local audience, you are going to get a boost of traffic soon.


If you use and combine tools that are offered by Facebook and Google, and also provide a deep analysis of TOPs for local users using VPN services your local-based business is going to get a significant share that earlier was owned by industry giants.


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