How to Manage Your Remote Content Marketing Team

As many as 47 percent of working Americans state that they work remotely at least part of the time. Remote workers are becoming increasingly common, and this creates a modern challenge for managers and business owners. Because so many workers are spending at least some of their workdays functioning out of their homes, managers must find an effective way to efficiently manage their team.

Marketing is one function that is relatively easy to handle with remote workers, but it can be challenging to find a writer to produce your marketing content. Many of your existing employees may not have the skills or interest necessary to effectively contribute written content, so it may be necessary to hire a remote writer.

This gives you the ability to search the entire globe to find a talented writer. When you hire a remote worker, you will enjoy far more than access to an incredible pool of talented individuals. You can also save money on overhead costs, and you may have a happier employee because he or she can better manage his or her work-life experience.

When preparing to manage a content marketing team, be aware that your primary challenge may stem from internal communication and organization strategy. Finding an effective way to tackle these potential challenges head-on can benefit your company and your team.

Establish a Routine and Process

You should be patient with the remote worker management process initially. It will take time and effort to find the right strategy, tools, and processes to enjoy a productive experience. You should ask your content writing team for feedback along the way, but avoid micromanaging them.

Spend time exploring the various tools available that can help your team to collaborate and meet regularly in this type of work environment. For example, there are chat applications, such as Slack and Google Hangouts. There are also project management apps, such as Trello and Asana, which can help you manage projects and allocate tasks to different individuals. Google Docs is another excellent application to use because it enables documents to be shared easily between team members.

These are only a few of the many applications and tools that your remote team of writers can use. You will probably need to try several applications and resources before you find the right combination that works well for your team’s needs.

Set Clear Expectations and Guidelines

Many people who work remotely understand that this is a privilege, and they may work hard for long hours to show that they are productive. Others, however, may abuse this privilege and work minimally.

Management should set clear deadlines and benchmarks, and they should hold workers accountable for meeting these established requirements. Your content management team should be aware of the performance metrics you will use so that they can be held accountable for their work activities.

Plan Ahead With an Editorial Calendar

With a remote work team, your writers may be located in many different time zones. This can add to the challenge of getting assignments from your team by specific deadlines. You can tackle this potential issue by creating an editorial calendar so that your team can plan ahead appropriately.

Doing so will minimize the stress level of your team and ensure that content is created in a timely manner. You should assign the content to specific writers well ahead of time so that they have ample time to complete assignments by the deadline.

You may even want to create a calendar that plans content out a year in advance. Some seasons and holidays may have a big push, and content generation needs may be considerable. In addition, international teams may have individuals who celebrate different holidays throughout the year.

Create Your Company’s Style Guide

The last thing that you want is for your remote workers to spend time creating content that is not suitable for your needs. This can waste time, and it can be frustrating for your team. Through the creation of a style guide, your remote writers can work more effectively.

All work you create should meet expectations in areas such as design, formatting, spelling, grammar, and terminology. If you work with multiple freelancers, contract employees and others, the style guide can ensure that all content is created using the same voice for cohesion.

Ensure that you update the guide periodically and that all members of your team have the most current style guide available.

Foster Regular and Effective Communication

Because remote workers are not physically in the office, communication can be challenging and requires greater effort from all parties. Use video conferencing, chat messaging features and other technologies to facilitate easy and direct communication. When your team can easily ask questions or address other concerns, they can work more efficiently and perhaps even more creatively.

Another smart idea is to establish a time for a regular weekly meeting. The entire team can talk about the work that they have been doing and deadlines that are looming on the calendar. Your team can also use this time to brainstorm different content ideas, and the meetings may also help them feel as though they are vital members of the department or team.

You can also have more relaxed virtual meetings. For example, you can all meet for a virtual lunch, and the chatter may be more socially based so that your team can bond.

Meet in Person

Team building and socialization are just as important for a remote team as they are for an in-house team. Periodically, schedule in-person sessions for content planning, meet-and-greets, socialization and team building. You can conduct this type of event around a conference or seminar that could benefit the entire remote team.

Your remote content marketing team requires the same level of management and oversight that an in-office team does. When you manage this type of team, you must take substantial steps to keep the lines of communication open in different ways if you want your remote content marketing workers to be as successful and productive as possible.


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