How To Save Money On Your Blog Marketing

Most bloggers create content in the hopes that it will go viral. However, there’s stiff competition in the blogging industry, with 16.7 million people blogging via blog hosts and a further 12 million via social media. Therefore, savvy marketing techniques are vital to ensure page hits, social media likes and shares and to push your site to the top of search engines. But marketing can be an costly outlay which many small businesses and individuals struggle to afford. Therefore, when you’re creating blog content that matters and are looking for ways to advertise it, here’s how you can save a few dollars in the process.

Social media management

There are numerous websites and apps which allow bloggers to schedule social media updates in advance to promote their new and existing posts. However, most of the sites charge you a monthly or annual fee for the privilege. So, before you hastily enter your card details and subscribe to a social media management service, do your research and take advantage of the free trials and free versions of the product that they offer first. This gives you time to see if you like the way the site works, allows you to get used to the navigation and decide whether the cost is worthwhile to your business. Be sure to shop around and compare different management services, too, as the annual cost can vary significantly between them.

Make money to offset costs

As with any business, bloggers looking to make a reasonable income should expect to face costs to build and expand their business. Fortunately, there are ways bloggers can offset these costs with tools such as affiliate marketing which can be a great source of income for any site. This type of marketing allows you to shout about other companies and their products in your blog posts in the hope that your readers will want to try out the items. Simply encourage them to click through to the retailer’s website from the link on your blog and you can earn a percentage of their final spend. This soon adds up and can be reinvested in your blog via marketing.

Other ways in which you can build your businesses finances include using cash back websites when signing up to marketing services and purchasing items that will sell your blog to your readers. For example, blog posts with images get 94% more views than ones without, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a top quality camera, look to purchase from a retailer which offers cash back or who is currently accepting a discount code or voucher.

Free advertising

Free advertising is any company’s best friend and it can be a brilliant marketing tool for a blogger. Big bloggers and companies often publish new content multiple times a day, however writing and editing all these pieces takes a considerable amount of time. Therefore, many look for contributors to their site. This is where you can provide your services. Offer a great article to the site in exchange for a link back and mention to your own blog and you should see a surge in visitors at no cost to yourself.

Marketing is key to a successful blog business, however be smart and look for ways to keep costs down in order to maximize profits.