How to Stand Out in a Publisher’s Inbox [Infographic]

Getting the attention of bloggers, editors, and journalists is a constant challenge for content marketers and PR professionals. BuzzStream & recently partnered to survey them about what works. The publisher feedback was loud and clear: keep your pitch simple, be concise, and send raw data whenever you can.

Not surprisingly, more than 99% of publishers were against clickbait subject lines, and more than 75% prefer subject lines to be kept to fewer than 10 words. Publishers don’t want to see CAPS, emojis, or exclamation points, either. If you’re pitching a study, highlight key findings in your subject line and the body of your pitch. If you have a standing relationship with the writer, call that out.

You’ll have the hardest time standing out to Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Technology writers – as they get pitched the most. Editors get pitched more than anybody else, so you may find more success pitching individual bloggers and journalists. Pitch exclusives and new material whenever possible, as very few publishers were open to syndications. Finally, don’t exceed more than 1 or 2 follow-up pitches.

See the full results below:

How to Stand Out in a Publisher's Inbox