How to Use LinkedIn as a B2B Marketing Tool

In 2016, the online environment has become essential to our everyday activities. We spend a lot of time on the phone, checking our e-mails and instant messages. Some of us are addicted to social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook. And some of us…well, we use it to do business.

With today’s possibilities, individuals can bring their business to the top of the ladder. Exposing your business has never been easier. We can now instantly connect with each other and establish new relationships online.

Even though it’s not as efficient as face to face discussions, being able to meet new people has never been easier. Long term business-to-business (B2B) relationships can quickly be cultivated and assures a certain degree of resourcefulness.

Business professionals, freelancers, online marketers, and so many more professional workers that are constantly using social media networks for all types of purposes.

So which network exactly works the best for B2B marketing and relationships building? It’s LinkedIn, the largest social network dedicated to business professionals who are looking to connect and network.

LinkedIn is a great place to market your business. Let’s take a look at few important tips that should help you improve the number of your business opportunities. Everything’s in vain if you fail to take action, so keep this in mind.

Develop a Professional and Impeccable Profile

Your online presence will dictate the degree of your business success. Mary Johnson, the social media manager at CareersBooster, suggests that you must first make sure that your business profile looks professional. Check out her guidelines:

1. Share valuable status updates

If you want to be considered a “professional”, you must know what you’re talking about. You must fully understand your field of activity, and share relevant content and information. The status update feature on LinkedIn allows you to update your present professional status, career changes, and new business arrivals.

You can also curate content, which means selecting specific content from more general content and sharing it with your connections.

2. Have a professional profile picture

Your LinkedIn profile picture really matters. In case you’re running a business, you’ll be able to update your picture with your brand’s logo. Therefore, your awareness also grows. If you’re displaying a professional business logo, you’ll be treated more seriously and you’ll be able to establish more purposeful relationships.

3. Give the necessary details concerning your professional life

This social media network is all about professionals. You shouldn’t include aspects of your personal life unless they also look kind of professional. That means having a family, a wife, a dog maybe. Keep the rest out of it. Focus on the details that could make an employer interested in your services and skills.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great feature of this large social platform. These groups are formed of people that are sharing the same interests as you. It’s a great environment and place to spend your time at, and it will often prove to be useful for your business.

Within this groups, start to involve and share good tips. Engage with other like-minded people and get to know those people. More than often, you’ll find some elements that could help you leverage your business success. Other times, you’ll be approached by different individuals with different offers.

Participate in LinkedIn Answers

With LinkedIn Answers, you can help other people solve their problems and help them fulfill their needs. In return, you’ll start to be recognized as an expert in the field. Always reliable, ready to help. Soon enough, some businesses will recognize your company’s big role in certain environments, and therefore will propose different collaboration terms.

LinkedIn Answers is also a good place to place links to your main business website. You can drive traffic which is interested already in what you have to offer. This works just like Quora or Yahoo answers, but the quality of the people you’ll get to talk to is totally different.

Spread Your Business Proposals on a Large Scale

Use LinkedIn in order to directly network. Here’s a good plan. Start following everyone that might be valuable to your long-term progress. This means adding the people who own services or products that can prove to be valuable assets for your company. Join groups in order to find more relevant individuals and businesses.

Take a piece of paper or open your Word processor and start writing down the names of the individuals/companies, contact information, and a deadline for when you must contact them. Next, think of some business opportunities and start contacting each of your targets individually.

When you’re done with the process, you’ll notice that most of them declined, but two of them have accepted. That’s a good progress!


Leveraging LinkedIn for your B2B marketing activities should grant you plenty of productive benefits for your long-term career. Your brand’s awareness will be exposed, your professional relationships will help you from time to time, and new business opportunities will arise!