How to Use Social Networks in Inbound Marketing Strategy

Faced with the scenario of adaptation, where companies and executives seek to keep up with the dynamism of the digital world, social networks emerge as a challenge that demands even more agility.

Along with them, communication ceases to be one-sided and becomes a two-way street, putting upside down everything that has been done for years. The target audience discussed in the marketing meetings of companies already has voice, name, picture, and more.

Companies and marketing agencies have gradually adapted to social networks by leaps and bounds. However, they are not always able to use them properly, especially when they start thinking about using Inbound Marketing (IM) as a strategy.

What does all this have to do with Inbound Marketing?

The IM concept drives what many companies disdain or simply do not know how to do: share what the public really wants to know, not what the company wants to talk about, usually about itself.Understanding people with depth, social networks help to maximize the reach of content, which should be focused on the stage of the purchase journey of each visitor own platform of content: usually a blog.

Remember that the personas’ role is to gather personal and professional information from the potential visitor of your blog (which can become a lead).For example, the problems you want to solve and the details of daily life, including subjects that were found in the searches and interviews before the start of development.Knowing this, the stage of creation of people should never be excluded from the strategy of IM. It becomes feasible to integrate the communication of the blog to social networks, which also need to be chosen carefully, tailoring them to your business. 

What is the true purpose of social networks in IM strategy?

Social networking is essential at every step of the funnel, especially in attraction and conversion. They help expose blog content, landing pages, or other relevant medium to people. The publication should be periodic and the themes of the texts focused on what customers want to know, understand and / or buy. As a result, positive engagement results can become a reality as long as the relationship strategy is involved in the process.

Inbound Marketing is characterized by the use of strategies for organic and spontaneous attraction of new customers in the digital environment. Offering well-segmented content and information that meets the needs and interests of the public is the foundation of this new way of doing marketing.

In addition to gaining visibility, Inbound Marketing prioritizes the construction of a trust relationship between the company and its public as a way of captivating and loyalty to customers who become brand spokespersons, also contributing to their consolidation in the network.

Inbound Marketing works to attract and win the trust of the target audience, arousing their interest, and at the right moment, after this audience has already given the signs that it is ready for the purchase, part for a more effective selling approach.

Here is how you should use social networks for inbound marketing strategies:

1 – Know who you are talking to

You have to start from the beginning to do social media marketing in the right way and with high potential for return. Therefore, it will not do any good to open official profiles in all the media if you do not know your audience.Understand who the people who buy from you are, how they live, and what their wants and problems are. With this data, it will be easier to select the most appropriate channels and create content that truly appeals to your customers.In addition, social networks are excellent tools to better understand the public of your store and, thus, intensify marketing and sales actions and even launch new products.

2 – Humanize and Be Interesting

Let’s be honest, no one likes to follow and interact with brands that only talk about themselves, that seem cold and distant, or that only share repeated and outdated content.People access social networks for entertainment, sharing experiences, and tips to improve their lives or solve problems.That’s why you need to invest in quality content that is unique. Well, besides making your brand look as human as possible.For this, it goes from creating a character to showcase the backstage of the store and post in first person. The important thing is to find the right language and direct the content so that it makes sense and is attractive to your audience.

3 – Offer exclusivity

Another strategy that draws a lot of attention in marketing in social networks and, of breaking, still contributes to increase sales, are the exclusive promotions.You can, for example, offer a discount coupon or a special condition for customers who follow your brand on social networks.Another good idea is also to tell the news and make announcements in advance especially for the followers. With this, they will feel special and motivated to accompany the store on these channels!

4 – Do not leave videos and pictures aside

When we talk about social networks, the visual part also counts many points to deliver quality content to followers.Invest in beautiful and professional photos of your store and products and, preferably, on videos. These are features that tend to draw a lot of attention in social media and encourage more engagement.

5 – Invest in ads

It will not do any good to create incredible content with great potential to help or entertain customers in your store if they do not know about it. That’s why we need to spread brand profiles across all communication channels -from printed leaflets to emails and messages via WhatsApp.

Do not forget to also take full advantage of the ads on Facebook or Instagram. With this type of campaign, you can direct messages to specific groups of people. And look forward to increasing content engagement and of course encouraging more sales!

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