How to Write an About Us Page to Convert Visitors into Customers

So, you’ve made the big step of creating and hosting your company website that’s functional and responsive (It has to be mobile friendly). The next move is to optimize it for customer friendliness.

As the most visited page on a website, the About Us section is one of your most important web pages. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this page is, it has to be about you.

Well, the About Us page is the platform to convince potential customers that you are the business for them. It’s not just for telling your company history, but you can use it to convert visitors into customers.

To really drive traffic, you may decide to seek help from an SEO content writing service. But for those who’d rather give it a go themselves, here’s how you can do so:

The Key Components of Writing a Compelling About Us Page

  • Provide Factual Information

Many sales copies are all about hype and give little facts. However, people often buy from those they know and feel like they trust. These are businesses that make a person confident in whatever they get from the company, service or product.

Sharing a detailed history of the company only, won’t do the trick. Highlight the benefits the customer will enjoy from using your products or services. Use figures, where possible, to make the copy more persuasive.

More so, the number of years you’ve been in business, and experience you have. Use this page to demonstrate that you have an excellent solution to the problem(s) the customer faces.

  • Show Some Personality

It doesn’t matter what business you in; the corporate-speak copy can be boring at times. If a potential customer is looking for help with personal statement, they will opt for a business that shows they have a real human behind it.

Using first person singular/ plural, (I) or (we) to introduce yourself (as a business) makes you more approachable. It also gives the content some personality. Choose what’s appropriate for the occasion.

Adopt a conversational tone; it makes you likable. Let your passion and enthusiasm, show.

  • Be Customer-Oriented

A great way to forge a connection with visitors to your page is to show them that you have their needs in your mind. Address this in your opening statements. It’s not all about what you offer as a business; customers want to know how they can benefit from your services/ products.

Be honest in the information you share. Fluff won’t help you win customers. Take into account the wants and needs of prospective customers. What would they like to know about your business?

Everybody wants a peek behind the curtains.

  • Include a Call-To-Action

After reading a persuasive About Us copy, readers want to know what next? It’s up to you to guide them. Create a call to action that stands out.

It should provide the visitor with a benefit and also needs to be easy to understand. It could be an invitation to browse your catalog, start a free trial, sign up for your newsletter, and more.

Don’t forget to place your contact form, too.

Expert Writing Tips to Employ

a) Keep It Simple

The reader doesn’t have to do, much heavy lifting to find out about you. Be straightforward. Make your best information most prominent in the content.

It could be your experience, awards, licenses, etc. The specifics of your qualifications will add to your credibility.

b) Tell Your Story

Write from a story-telling perspective. It adds context to your mission and goals. If possible, start from the beginning, even if it was a humble one.

Stories are easy to remember, keep the content interesting, and allow you to connect with prospective clients. Filter the information you share and highlight relevant details about the growth of the business.

c) Inspire Trust

With the increase of internet across the world, more and more transaction happen over the web. Therefore, for a customer to part with their money, they have to be comfortable doing business with you.

Here’s where trust comes in, even if you are one of the few professional personal statement writers. Provide information that highlights your unique qualities that make your service/ product the right solution to the client’s problem.

d) Be Interesting

It’s okay to share a piece of surprising information about you or the business. It could be a fact that’s little known by outsiders or fun facts about the company. Perhaps there’s a story behind the name of your company.

Share this information. It makes the copy more interesting to the reader while shedding extra light to you or the business.

Additional Help in Writing a Persuasive Copy

  • Customer testimonials add to your credibility

Before making a purchase, we always look for a product or service that offers us value for our money. That’s how every customer operates. Use of testimonials gives credibility to your business.

Include names, photos and relevant details to make it more compelling. We all know there are fabricated reviews on many websites. Also, share any customer-focused accreditations, and awards, that you get.

  • Use different media to capture the Attention of the reader

They help you make an impression by adding color to the content. Use real photos of you, your employees and products, if appropriate. It makes you more approachable.

Photos of you on the job adds character to your brand. Videos will engage readers who have a short attention span. A timeline provides the visitor with crucial information about your business, as they journey with you from the inception of the company to date.

  • Promote your Social media Outlets to garner followers

Post links to your social media accounts. These platforms give your visitors the opportunity to see other aspects of your personality. You can use them to turn your casual supporters into ardent followers.

Final Advice on Writing the About Us Page

What works for another may not be so, for you. Therefore, it’s essential to test the methods you adopt. That means you should keep updating the copy and trying out new techniques that will boost your traffic volumes.

Checking your analytics will help you make informed decisions on this. Also, remember to test the performance of your pages continually. It’s is also as important as the quality of the content.