How Visual Marketing Is Becoming an Inseparable Part of Content Marketing

Digital marketers must have an ear to the ground to remain abreast of what’s the latest trends in content marketing. As the field is in a state of constant churn, marketers cannot afford not to be in the loop as it would mean falling back on the race track where competitors are always in a state of high agility.

However, with so much content available, people’s interest is waning – which is quite natural. They are not sure where to look and what to choose from the flood of blogs and articles that choke their mail or other content resources.

That’s why marketers are turning to the visual medium. Visual marketing is making an impact on minds in a more powerful manner than other types of content. Industry data shows that there is an increase in the use of images in blogs, articles, and social media posts. It is clear that this is being done as visual content guarantees higher engagement.

Here are some of the best ways of using visual content to give your content marketing strategy a boost:


Infographics have emerged as one of the best mediums to create a brand narrative in a format that’s highly engaging and informative as well. This popular visual resource can be used to connect with the audience regardless of where they are. As infographics offer the unique ability to combine all the engagement resources such as text, images, graphics, and more, it can add more value to your content and assure a high level of engagement. The small-sized presentation packages are a treat for readers.


GIF or Graphics Interchange Format are presented on several platforms as dedicated tools that can be instantly used to provide reactions or create appropriate expressions. A few conservative marketers might have apprehensions about using GIFs but modern marketers will readily agree that GIFs are cool visual assets that resonate with today’s audience. It will make your brand look in sync with today’s trends and allow you to connect better with Generation Next.


Memes are another millennial thing that assures great engagement. When used in the right manner, memes can give your brand a nice edge over others, especially if you are target audience is the youth. Easy sharing feature and the fact that they are relatable make memes a powerful visual marketing tool that can power your content and connect your readers in a fun way. It will also give your brand a relevant, and very contemporary look.


While videos in content marketing is not a new idea, it makes the list here because of its continued relevance even in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. It is unthinkable not to have videos as a key element of your marketing strategy if you are serious about making a powerful impact and want to take engagement to the next level.

It might appear to be easy but creating a video poses multiple challenges for marketers as they have to satiate the consumers on several parameters such as quality, relevance, theme, and others. While it may be tempting to use your high-end mobile phone to create videos, using the services of a professional can give your videos the cutting-edge needed to make a difference. For instance, if your audience is looking for the best barber accessories wholesale, a sleek and professionally crafted video about the latest accessories will definitely help grab attention and create a bigger recall value than static images and uninspiring stock photographs.

And importantly, don’t forget to create awareness for your brand somewhere along the line. A powerful CTA is mandatory if you are aiming for conversions.


It is a huge challenge for marketers to find effective ways of achieving a good level of engagement with the audience. You can try the visual marketing ideas mentioned above to make a difference in the outcome of your marketing efforts. Do share your experiences here.