How Your Business Can Leverage Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Businesses are becoming more and more connected as time goes on. They are seeing the potential of things like blogs and social media from a ROI perspective. Most businesses have a presence on social media these days, but they may not be maximizing that presence.

This infographic from onblastblog will help your business better leverage social media marketing to increase your leads and ultimately your conversions.

Your business should start thinking social as we move into 2016 and beyond. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – These are the places where new and existing customers are interacting with other businesses. You need to jump into the fold and start marketing here as well.

Proper social media marketing involves creating, curating and promoting relevant and timely content for your readers. By employing the 80/20 rule of 80% valuable information and 20% promotional content, you can see some huge improvements in the following areas:

  • Your brand’s image
  • New leads and referral traffic
  • Increased engagement both on your website and on social media


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Keep in mind that you should first research your audience and use this information to choose which platforms will showcase the highest ROI. Once you’ve done this, the last step is to understand your chosen platforms.

Enter today’s infographic. You’ll find everything you need to maximize your efforts on the five largest social media platforms. Let us know how it helps you in the comments below!

How Your Business Can Leverage Social Media Marketing (Infographic)
Infographic by onblastblog



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