How Your Legal Firm can Benefit from Digital Marketing

In a bygone age, whenever people needed a lawyer they simply looked one up in the Yellow Pages. It was this or go round asking family and friends for recommendations. In the modern age, things have changed somewhat. There will soon be an entire generation of clients who have no idea what a ‘Yellow Pages’ is or what historical function it fulfilled.

The internet has become the go-to oracle for the vast majority of the population. Legal firms have had to adapt or go bust, and legal marketing is at the heart of this change.

Around 75% of people looking for legal advice use online resources to find the right lawyer for them. Although recommendations from family and friends still represent a hefty percentage of referrals, there has been a definite shift towards the internet. With the emergence of review sites, recommendations from others are now frequently cross-referenced in a flurry of quality assurance and research.

There are four main reasons why people will bee-line to their phone or laptop when they’re considering legal action.

  • They can do their own research on what might be of benefit to them
  • To find a qualified lawyer to handle their case
  • To see if a lawyer they’re interested in hiring has good feedback.
  • To book the lawyer they’re interested in hiring.

This very clearly shows the need for digital marketing. If you’re implementing a successful marketing plan, you will be able to guide potential customers through all four of these stages and your firm will benefit from bookings that would otherwise go to competitors.

Paid digital marketing ads

Whilst print advertising is on the decline, social media adverts are on the rise. You might want to consider investing some of your advertising budgets this way. It can guarantee that people searching for legal representation in your area are going to see your name first. Getting the right keywords might be difficult at first and take a bit of getting used to, but you could employ the services of a digital marketing company to help you.

It’s all about trust

If you can set yourself up as an expert or an online authority on given subject matter for instance then you will instill trust in your potential clients. You can do this in a variety of ways, but blogs and social media posts are by far the most popular.

Your law firm can follow these means to market and interact with clients more visibly. No matter which law practice you are willing, you can highlight your practice and services these platforms. Nowadays everyone needs a lawyer. If you are in a competitive area of legal practice such as auto accidents, you will need a website that will make your website visible to a larger and relevant audience through various online mediums. This can assure greater visibility and improve the potential of attracting more queries. This website shows how you can share detailed information about your legal services to a targeted audience looking for the services of a qualified and experienced auto accident attorney.

If you are an elder financial abuse lawyer and want to do physical marketing, then you must consult some ad agency who can do your promotion by showing your banners or posters around old homes and care centers.

If you’re consistently putting out articles and posts that are useful to your potential clients, you will build trust. If your firm is generating strong, useful content with excellent SEO, then you’ll see your name climbing the Google rankings very quickly. Blending blog content, delivering social media campaigns and building backlinks can be complicated and time-consuming, so we’d always advise that you get some help with this.

The power of positivity

A good digital marketing campaign will also help you turn happy clients into an advert for prospective future clients. A strong digital marketing strategy ensures that you capture positive feedback and use it in your marketing. This positive online reputation will see people moving very quickly from checking the quality of the services that you offer to booking your services. A solid digital presence is at the cornerstone of most successful legal firms.

The internet is where the next generation of legal firms will need to ply their trade. If the terms SEO, PPC, social media and blog give you a headache, it doesn’t pay to bury your head in the sand. Digital marketing is here to stay and you’ll need to get on top of it if you want your law firm to succeed in the digital age.