Importance of Proximity Marketing in Trade Fair

Proximity marketing can open up a whole new dimension for a business. It refers to communicating with the target customers at the right time and in the right place. It helps in eliminating the gap between online and offline marketing. You can easily transform an event or a trade show into a place for proximity marketing by finding stands solution. Push notifications, geofencing, and beacons play a significant role in this.

Power of Proximity Marketing

This kind has been able to prove itself over the years. The retail sector is particularly notorious when it comes to geotargeting other outlets. Long back, Dunkin Donut was known to have delivered their discount coupons to customers near Starbucks. No doubt, they saw a higher coupon redemption rate. The proximity promotion had been designed for retaining the customers who might be tempted towards a new competitor in the business.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Before your company executes a proximity marketing campaign, you need to learn more about it. The benefit of this kind of campaign has been given below.

Geotargeting is Easy

All that you have to do is choose a location so that anyone enters or exits the geofence, a push notification is sent to their mobile phone. With this technology, you will also be able to send messages to anyone who is present within the geofence instantly without any delay. In case you use channels and segments, you will be able to send different messages to different customers who are entering the same geofence or are coming close to the beacon. Beacons will provide you with a more accurate location in comparison to Wi-Fi tracking or GPS.

Increase App Engagement

If you want to ensure the commercial success of yours, you will have to keep your users engaged. For a business for which location is of utmost importance, geotargeting along with push notifications proves to be an efficacious gap engagement tool.

Real-Time Connection with the Customers

Proximity unlike the other forms of marketing enables businesses to place the offers in the hands of the customers. When they do this in real-time, the business has a better chance of achieving customer engagement, show an innovative approach, and also develop a strong relationship with the customers using their mobile phones.

Loyalty Marketing

If you want to improve customer loyalty, you need a powerful marketing tool like proximity marketing. By using the power of this, businesses will easily recognize and then provide offers to their customers. This will create an experience that will lead to customer loyalty. Apart from providing relevant messages containing exciting offers, you will also be able to give away bonus points every time the customer visits your stall at the trade or passes the venue. This will make them visit your store to redeem the loyalty points they have received.

Just about any service or business that is operating from a fixed location can use proximity marketing to improve their business and bring in more customers in a trade fair or an event.

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