Increase your App Downloads by Taking Advantage of These Social Media Marketing Strategies

Mobile applications have become platforms not only for essential phone functions but also for a wide range of uses that include both entertaining and productive activities. Businesses have learned to tap mobile app as a way to be able to engage their users, and also to provide a different user experience that they can develop with pretty much total control.

However, the success of mobile apps is mostly dependent on the number of users that it has. An app can be great but if it there are only a few people who would be using it, then not only will it be unable to realize ROI for developing it, but it will also be unable to achieve its maximum potential.

It is therefore essential that you take action to improve your app’s downloads. There are many ways for you to be able to do that but among the most effective is using social media marketing.

The following social media strategies are proven ways on how you can improve your app downloads through social media:

Start to Build Hype for your App before it Launches

Even before your eCommerce app launches, you should start your marketing campaign already. This is to ensure that by the time that it launches, it would already earn significant downloads. Apps that have huge downloads tend to attract even more as compared to those that have less. By starting with a lot of pre-launch signups already, it is more likely that you can realize even better results when you finally launch.

Make use of teasers, then try to reward the first couple of people that would download your app. Doing so will definitely boost your pre-launch signups.

The idea is to put your business in a good position from the beginning. It pays to have a strong boost from the starting point so that you can achieve better.

Give Incentives and Special Trials

Aside from the rewards that you give for early downloads, you can also come up with rewards after launching. This can be incentives for first-time users of your app which can be in the form of discounts, points, or a peak on premium features that you would otherwise offer for a little charge. Doing so can even help you boost your premium sales as well.

Optimize your Social Media Profile

Make sure that your social media profile is optimized so that people using search engines would also see it. You can do this by making your profile very descriptive, and in doing so, your site would be more visible. Make sure that you make use of relevant keywords that searchers will use to find business and brands like you.

You can also include your app’s download link on your social media profile so that you can direct them there from your social media accounts.

Upload Videos to your Youtube Channel

Another social media marketing strategy that has proven to help improve app downloads is by making use of videos on Youtube. Videos are considered to be very engaging, and Youtube is still considered to be the king when it comes to videos.

What makes it so is that videos from Youtube can be easily embedded on various platforms such as your website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and it is also the video platform used for preview in Play Store as well.

It is, therefore, an essential platform for your video campaigns, and can serve other platforms as well.

There are also many forms of videos that you can use such as previews of your app, reviews from users, or some more creative videos about it. With the proper use of videos, your app downloads can definitely experience a boost.

Properly Utilize the Power of Hashtags

One of the simplest but powerful tools in social media is the hashtag. In its most basic purpose, it can let multiple posts be connected. But beyond that, it can help you connect and engage a huge number of users as well.

It would be great if you can get a lot of attention and become a trending hashtag, which would further attract attention that can drive traffic and download your app.

In order to tap the power of hashtags, make sure that you encourage its use. Conduct a contest that involves having people use your hashtag and some random user can take home a prize. This will effectively boost your hashtag and can get the attention of your audience’s network, opening the opportunity for you to tap them as well. And as you do, you can then make use of your other campaigns to help direct them to download your app.

Build a Relationship with Social Influencers

One great way to make use of social media is to partner with influencers. Influencers command huge following and being able to tap them can give huge opportunities for you and can maximize your conversions as well.

There are many ways for which you can make use of social media influencers. One of which is to have them promote your app on their own account. You can also have your chosen influencer be featured on campaigns on your channels.

Regardless of your approach, the key is to be able to find the best influencer to work with. It’s not just about the number of followers. It’s about finding the perfect fit for you and your business. Your influencer must have followers that are aligned with what your business has to offer. He or she should also carry the same values and beliefs as yours.

By working with an influencer, you are putting a face to represent your brand. So make sure that you choose the best one for you.

Allow Social Sharing on your App

The next thing that you should consider is allowing social sharing within your app. A lot of apps allow social log-in, which basically connects the users’ profiles to the app instead of having to make accounts with you from scratch. You can maximize this by enabling sharing from directly from your app, and into their profiles. This can be for your products, promotions, or in-app content.

Your users’ network would see the posts that were shared, which could incite curiosity, and can help improve the app downloads you command.

Support a community Social Cause

Finally, you can also consider participating in some publicity marketing that you can boost using social media. You can invite your users to an event that aims to give back to the community.

Not only will you be able to provide some form of assistance to the community, but you can also improve the image that your brand commands. And as you do so, the reception of your brand will become better, and you can gain a lot of loyalty from people you’ve touched.

And if you particularly feature your app during the said event, your downloads would surely feel a boost.

Maximize your social media channels to increase your app downloads

Social media is indeed a blessing for marketers. It is a powerful and effective channel that has redefined the way marketing can be done. Improving your app downloads is just one of the way social media marketing can help you out. The key is to know how to use social media in its fullest potential.