Influencer Marketing 101: Building a Targeted Outreach List

It’s no secret that influencer endorsements are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and web traffic from new audiences. Better yet, when brands become associated with influencers, benefits like increased credibility and trust will allow for long-term relationships to be built with customers new and old. But how do you kick off your new influencer marketing initiative? A great way to start is by building a targeted influencer outreach list—and it only takes 3 steps.

First, figure out where thought leaders and innovators are discussing your topic. You won’t be able to reach out to the influencers in your targeted space if you don’t know what communities and channels they utilize to spread their influence.

Next, figure out who the right influencers are to reach out to. Ideally, you should seek out the people that write regular, relevant content that is of high quality and fosters engagement from their audience.

Finally, figure out how to reach out to them in a way that will position you for success. The more you know about the influencer, the better chance you have of getting through to him or her. Some will require great amounts of nurturing while some will simply require an email. Persistence is half the battle.


Have you considered influencer marketing yet?

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