Ingredients That Make Great Content

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Somebody recently asked me what makes GREAT content. Great writing? Strategic ideas? Creative storytelling? Or a captive audience, maybe?

In fact, What makes ANYTHING or for that matter ANYONE really GREAT?

To be honest, I think it would be achieving A purpose. Being effective in THEIR unique context. Content is no different. But interestingly, the ingredients to GREAT content are not necessarily intrinsic to the content itself. In fact, they have very little to do with the actual writing itself.

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Why is that?

1. It Needs to Be Read: The single biggest metric and the MOST OBVIOUS boundary between success and failure is the simple matter of consumption.

Did anybody see it?

Which depends entirely on the promotion channels and budget and NOT on the content itself. I know people who post amazing stuff on their website hoping that people will gravitate to it organically. Please stop holding your breath…they wont.

A good content distribution strategy backed by a reasonable budget is THE STARTING POINT, NOT an afterthought. And frankly, a tasteless joke that got read is technically more successful ( and GREATER) than the insightful tweet that nobody saw.

2. It needs to evoke a response: Once promotion gives content an opportunity to debut at the ball, it STILL needs to find somebody to dance.

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Does anyone care?

Content is as good or bad as it’s ability to achieve results. Getting noticed can often be as lofty a goal as any other. It all depends on your position in the purchase cycle.

3. It needs to be repeatable: There is really nothing like great content. There are only great campaigns. And these require repeatability.

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Can you do it again?

Today, tomorrow and then the week after? Great content needs GREAT content development strategy which is able to identify a brand’s relevance to it’s intended customer and communicate that effectively every single time, time after time.

So in summary, GREAT content requires 3 critical ingredients.

a) A promotion budget that gets it seen.
b) A consumer insight that makes it useful.
c) A process that allows ongoing relevance.

Ingredients for great content


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