Is Mobile More Than Just a Portable Version of the Web?

Research shows a growing number of people now access the Web solely through mobile devices. But according to a new report from Altimeter, most companies are behind the curve when it comes to creating mobile-only experiences.

Mobile on the Rise

Mobile usage has exploded in recent years. Adults now spend up to two hours per day on the mobile Web, the Content Standard previously reported. Once thought of as a “second screen” after the desktop, mobile is now becoming the first—and sometimes only—stop for users.

Altimeter reports one-third of shoppers use mobile exclusively, and over half view mobile as the most important resource during the decision process. All this activity has led to an increase in purchases via mobile, with mobile devices accounting for a quarter of all online purchases in November 2014.

Missed Opportunities

Even if companies recognize the importance of mobile, they have been slow to develop mobile-first or mobile-only consumer experiences. Most companies also grossly underfund mobile, Altimeter found. Others view mobile as simply a “portable version of the Web” rather than a unique customer experience. Faced with a poor mobile site, customers are often forced to leave, in search of better user experiences.

Altimeter found that although 63 percent of digitally focused companies include a focus on mobile, only 17 percent fully integrate their mobile strategies into their overarching marketing strategies.

For brands, the key is developing individual digital and mobile strategies, while also bringing together a unified experience.

Embracing Mobile

To truly embrace the technology, brands need to think about creating a wraparound customer experience on mobile. A good first step is to map the customer journey. Content mapping can help brands identify customer personas and their needs throughout each stage of the buying process.

Once brands have an idea of customers’ motivations and expectations, they can create mobile experiences that keep customers engaged. As the world increasingly becomes mobile-only, creating such experiences will be critical for brands’ success.

This article originally appeared on Skyword.

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