Las Vegas Nevada SEO Digital Marketing Consulting: 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Digital marketing is a vital aspect of your business. Nowadays, you cannot establish a trustworthy reputation without a consistent online presence and appealing content. While large corporations can easily allocate the budget to employ experts for their in-house marketing team, businesses that are just starting out do not have that luxury.

You may be tempted to do digital marketing yourself, especially with reliable tutorials like those from However, it’s still best to seek help from consulting firms that can help you identify your needs and create a plan to achieve your goals for your company. Outsourcing this process can give you time to focus on the more crucial facets of your business.

When looking for the top digital marketing firm to work with, here are some necessary questions you need to ask:

1. What Will You Do To Improve Our Site’s Search Engine Rankings?

Sit down with representatives from the potential firms and have them walk you through their process. If your website is not doing well in Google’s search engine results page (SERP), an expert digital marketing consultant should be able to identify which factors are hurting your ranking.

The top reasons for poor SEO performance in search engines include bad content, use of high-volume keywords, and lack of high-quality backlinks.

Some tips to improve your website’s rankings include:

  • Publishing Relevant Content Regularly – You want to provide something that’s valuable to your customers consistently. That’s why you should only post content that is relevant to your products and services.
  • Improving Page Load Speed – Most consumers want solutions to their problems right away. Customers don’t like waiting in line and a slow page is a digital equivalent of that.
  • Using Various Media – Text is still relevant, but you can gain a more significant impact with your message by supplementing it with related images and videos.

You are mainly hiring an agency to help you promote your brand. SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to accomplish that goal. The firm you will be working with should have familiarity with the necessary steps to take for your website to gain organic traffic and reach your target audience.

2. What Types of Content Can You Create?

As mentioned above, you need to optimize your website with mixed media. Putting blocks of text on your site is no longer an effective practice. In fact, it can weigh you down on Google’s SERPs.

Ask the digital marketing consultant about the kind of content their firm specializes in. Moreover, request to see other types of material such as infographics, animations, email campaigns, and e-books that they have produced to check if their style is suitable for your company.

3. Do You Comply With Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Google Webmaster Guidelines pertain to the list of the best practices of SEO. Its algorithm, which is regularly updated, ensures that the best sites that provide value to users rank highest on the search engine. It also penalizes spam sites that manipulate results through deceptive means, otherwise known as black hat SEO.

These notes help marketing agencies and website owners to recognize and follow the official best practices to rank well in Google’s SERP. The search engine divides the guide to three key segments: design and content guidelines, technical guidelines, and quality guidelines.

Google penalizes violators of these principles with temporary suspensions of individual URLs for minor offenses to the elimination of the entire domain from the index. You don’t want your website to be banned from Google forever, so you should only consider working with agencies that follow Google’s guidelines.

4. Which Social Media Platforms Can My Business Benefit The Most From?

There are plenty of social media channels today, but your business does not need to be on every platform. The agency should be able to identify which networks will work well for your company based on demographic information such as age, job titles, and hobbies. Almost everyone uses Facebook, but the younger generation of consumers is now slowly gearing towards Instagram and Snapchat.

5. How Will My Conversion Rates Increase With Your Services?

The ultimate testament to the effectiveness of an agency’s digital marketing efforts is when they produce high conversion rates.

Conversion rates pertain to the percentage of website visitors who do a desired action like subscribe to newsletters, sign up for membership, or buy your products. A reliable firm should be able to provide data from their previous clients’ sites on how they returned those customers’ investments by bringing in more sales and leads.


Enlisting the help of an agency can be likened to hiring a bunch of employees to focus on your digital marketing efforts. Each firm is different, which is why you need to interview them and see if they are an excellent fit for your company. Don’t be afraid to be as meticulous as you can when searching for the right marketing team.

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