LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program Taps Terminus

A Powerful Integration

Account-based marketing firm Terminus was just announced as the newest addition to the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program. This global, community-based program allows marketers to leverage LinkedIn-approved technology and marketing agencies to accelerate their campaign performances and elevate their content promotion strategies.

Terminus will be integrated into the Ad Technology category of the program, simplifying the selection process for marketers. This partnership gives Terminus the opportunity to grow their client base and target marketers more precisely.

B2B marketers and existing Terminus customers can now use both Terminus and LinkedIn platforms to improve their ABM programs by orchestrating digital campaigns, dynamically creating audiences, automating campaigns, and performing deeper account-based reporting with ease.

Eric Spett, CEO and co-founder of Terminus stated in a press release,

As we continue to add more channels to the Terminus product, we are closer to making ABM easy for everyone and helping customers to create exceptional experiences for their buyers. Our integration is a major step forward, and we are thrilled to also be working side-by-side with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to help marketers learn how to execute world-class ABM programs.”

This integration will save the Terminus team valuable time and allow them to learn more about how accounts are interacting with their content on the LinkedIn platform.

This integration signifies yet another major collaboration for the Atlanta based ABM platform.

Just a few weeks ago, Terminus announced that they would be acquiring B2B analytics platform Brightfunnel in order to bring stronger measurement and attribution tools to Terminus customers. Named the fastest growing software company in Atlanta, Terminus has taken charge of the global ABM movement and they haven’t shown signs of stopping.


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More on Terminus

Named the #1-rated account-based execution software on G2 Crowd, Terminus is the leading account-based marketing software company. In three years, Terminus has grown from a start-up of just three co-owners to a fully fledged company of over 150 ‘terminators.’ In 2016, they were named the number one best place to work in Atlanta.

The Terminus team has helped notable companies like Rosetta Stone, Invoca, and WP Engine keep track of their ABM success. They have fully committed themselves to helping B2B marketers target accounts more effectively. The terminus platform enables clients to drive meaningful engagement with target accounts, monitor ABM advertising campaign results, and utilize funnel progression tracking. You can learn more about the ABM giant by visiting their website and connecting with them on LinkedIn.