Louis Vuitton Works With Amazon While Amazon A-to-Z Claims Rise

On October 16, 2016, the Chief Financial Officer of LVMH, entered a conference call and told investors that Louis Vuitton wouldn’t work with Amazon. Two years later, and you can obtain a Louis Vuitton bag alongside a bike pump, and some shampoo. In fact, Christian Dior sunglasses are a featured item within the marketplace.

The point isn’t that Louis Vuitton backtracked, but that now everyone is starting to do business with Amazon. And while this is a good thing, there are a ton of amazon a-to-z claims that are filed by customers who haven’t received their product.

And we’re here to discuss how that occurs. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Amazon A-to-Z?

A to Z guarantee claims can be a part of a customer’s last resort to settle their grievances with Amazon sellers. Amazon a-to-z is a reimbursement program that assists customers who expectations haven’t been fulfilled.

The A to Z programs ensures that sellers are selling authentic items and ensure that they can solve customer problems within their orders.

When placing an order, the customer expects:

  • Guaranteed purchase after payment
  • Plans to review the product he receives and reviews its condition

When do Customers Start to Express Their A to Z Concerns

A to Z ensures that the claims are filed by the buyers themselves. In most cases, the buyer will go to Amazon’s customer service for these three reasons:

  1. Order isn’t received: This occurs when the customer doesn’t receive the product that they ordered or it’s not received within the maximum estimated date of delivery.
  2. The product isn’t as described – Some users get products that aren’t described as it was on the webpage. The products can be described as:
    1. Defective
    2. Misclassified
    3. Damaged
    4. Misrepresented
    5. Missing pieces and parts
  3. Returned items are not refunded: When the customer returns their item to the seller, but haven’t received their payment or gave out an improper refund amount.
  4. Refused returns: In the case that your seller to give you customer returns as the Amazon policy.

How Are A to Z Claims Filed?

The buyer is requested to speak to your seller with regards on any claims on your Amazon purchases. This way, your sellers will have the chance to solve the claim issue on their own. However, if the buyer doesn’t receive a response in 3-5 days, then the buyer or Amazon’s customer service will file the A to Z claim.

Amazon states that all buyer requests and must obtain their response within 24 hours. Delayed responses would call for A to Z claims.

Customers can raise their claim within 3 business dates from the max estimated delivery date. In fact, you can raise it 30 days after your purchase. Buyers can receive around 90 days total from the initial order date to file a claim. Amazon reserves the right to accept claims after this time period, that if further investigation required.


To conclude. Amazon a-to-z has helped customers settle disputes with sellers so they can receive the product they need. As a result, businesses and consumers have been able to solve problems without many frustrations on both ends. Make sure you file an amazon a-to-z claim to ensure that Amazon will give you the right goods that you’ve purchased.


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