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Make Money Online: 10 Websites to Find Paid Freelance Writing Work

Date published: October 31, 2019
Last updated: October 31, 2019

What if you could nurture your passion for writing and also get paid for it? It's like having the cake and eating it too. This is indeed possible if you were to explore opportunities for paid freelance writing jobs. Not only can you give expression to your creative thoughts; these jobs will also fetch you a handsome payment every month.

Why are freelancer writing jobs on the rise?

People choose freelancing jobs for a variety of reasons; it could be to pay their monthly bills or to seek more rewarding avenues for professional development. Whatever the reason, the prospect of being able to make money online is far too enticing to ignore. Just like digital nomad lifestyle trends are on the rise, so are freelance resources.

While you will find plenty of sites out there offering paid freelance jobs, you may or may not end up getting high-paying gigs. Simply signing up for a job on a popular freelance writing platform may not be enough; you need to make your mark by creating a stunning portfolio. You may even need to prove your caliber by taking tests that showcase your skills to the employers.

An important point to remember is that as a freelance writer you may not get the same volume of work every month. So, it is advisable not to put your eggs in one basket. You should write for more than one site so that your income stays consistent.

Here are some of the most popular paid freelance writing job platforms where you can get satisfying work and appropriate remuneration:

1. Fiverr

This is a highly popular website for freelancers. Getting started with them is easy and you can register with your email address and name. Fiverr sends a verification mail which you must answer in order to get started. It is advisable to take some time to browse through the entire site before you start jumping at offers.

The Fiverr dashboard is very user-friendly and mastering it is not a problem. The “To-Do” tab will have a list of the gigs that you need to complete while the “Sales” tab assists you in managing the gigs. The “Revenue” tab gives you the different payment options. The “Inbox” tab is meant for emails that will inform you when the gigs sell.

Posting a gig here is easy too; you can simply answer some basic questions and then post a logo or photo that represents your writing. You have to post briefly about what you can offer, and, once submitted, it goes live at once. Once posted, you get access to all the published requests from people. You need to decide quickly as there are hundreds of others viewing these too. You should specify the number of words you are ready to write for $5. Alternately, you can work harder and move from level one to level two to make more money. The site can then promote you further if it so wishes.

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2. Constant-Content

This article marketplace is one of the leading in the field and caters to serious freelance writers. Here, writers are free to demand a lot of money for their articles because the editorial process is very stringent. You can register as a freelancer on this site and choose from various categories for writing custom content.

During registration, you must highlight your skills and then take part in a quiz. If you pass this, your account gets approved. To qualify, you will also need to write a brief write-up on a topic. The applications that are selected must conform to the site’s guidelines and be error-free.

Constant Content scores high on popularity amongst freelancers because you can expect to get a steady workload. You are also likely to get projects that match your interests and expertise. The best part is you can set your own rates, and it is possible to earn as much as $90,000 annually. You can choose to work solo or as part of a team. This site helps you to establish long-standing relationships with customers. And as far as customer support goes, you can trust them to attend to you right away.

3. Writers Work LLC

This is an online freelance writing service which acts like a one-stop shop for writers. You can get access to writing jobs, writing tools, and training materials which help writers manage their work better. You will find a curated live list of all writing jobs from a variety of online sources.

You can have a personal project management structure that will help you organize writing tasks and jobs. You can have an online portfolio for sharing with your customers. There is a web-based editor which offers readability analysis that can make your work quality better. Besides, you will find many features for tracking work like statistical analysis and time-logging.

You may subscribe to the site by paying for lifetime subscription or choose to pay a monthly fee. It is beneficial to choose this site because it will make the task of finding work easier; you do not have to waste hours looking for new gigs. There are interesting filters which make job searches quicker. You can save these search filters and even opt for daily and weekly notifications. If you can get notified of a freelance job right away, it is a huge advantage.

4. Upwork

This is one of the prime contenders for freelancer jobs. Like, Upwork can offer you a wide variety of freelancing jobs to choose from. While the pay is not very attractive, the sheer volume of work is reason enough to approach them.

This site was earlier known as Odesk, and today it works like a perfect place to find different types of writing jobs. Whatever your field of interest, you are likely to find a job for yourself here. You need to place your bid or the payment rate for your services and you must mention the skill sets you possess. The requester then reviews your bid and, if satisfied, he may ask you for an interview. Projects are bid for at various levels like entry, intermediate, and expert. When you are just staring out as a freelance writer, you may initially find it challenging to make a lot of money due to the bidding system.

5. Freelancer

This is by far one of the most widely used and popular sites for getting freelance writing jobs. You can sign up easily and even post projects free of cost. Freelancer appeals to writers because the account setting up process is very easy. You may not have previous writing experience but you have the right to bid for jobs.

You can choose freelancing jobs of various kinds, such as writing, IT, programming, and designing, provided you have the necessary skills. Beginners are advised to join Freelancer as you can get hold of many writing jobs, with some even asking for more than 500 articles to be done.

You have to first look for jobs that match your skills, apply for these, and then wait to get hired. It is also possible to register through your Facebook account. The employers are likely to choose the best bidder who is someone that can guarantee the best work quality at the least price.

Freelancer connects as many as 2.7 million professionals across the globe, allowing employers to recruit freelancers for article writing, ghost writing, copywriting, etc. Reports suggest that the UK and the US are the largest outsourcing nations and Australia, Canada, and India are next in line.

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6. iWriter

Many freelance writers have acclaimed this website as a wonderful option for those looking for freelance writing projects of their choice. iWriter is the right choice for newbie writers as well as accomplished ones. New writing projects of almost every type and size can be found on iWriter giving you a much broader range of options to choose from. Also, the frequency of job postings is very high. If you move fast and make some smart choices, you can grab some amazing projects and make a steady income from your freelance writing efforts.

Creating an account with iWriter is easy and simple even if you are a novice in this field.  New entrants can start with basic writing tasks and hone their skills as they move along gradually to the next level of writing. If you want to know how freelance writing actually works at the ground level, then iWriter is the right place to make a start.


7. The Write Life

This is undoubtedly one of the top resources for freelance writers who want to put their writing skills to use and generate some monetary benefits from the same. The site is reputed for its practical tips that can be used by freelancers to achieve their monetary and recognition goals. If your goal is to deliver the best efforts and make money from your writing skills, The Write Life is the right place to make the best start to your freelance writing efforts.

The growing popularity of The Write Life can be attributed to the site’s burgeoning list of successful writers, some of whom have been earning a six-figure income consistently.  The portal is committed to grooming freelancers and has helped many novice writers become experts. They feature publishing and freelancing experts and even literary agents to guide freelancers and help them make the right moves. Freelancers can count on this site to get that vital and invaluable support right through their journey from a basic writer to an established one.

8. Guru

This is the best platform for freelance writers of any skill level to connect and collaborate with their clients. Guru is a platform that offers high security and flexibility. With over 3,000,000 members from all over the globe connected with the site, there is no doubt that Guru has become one of the preferred destinations for freelance writers of all types and experience levels.

Guru follows a milestones payment system. They act as vital checkpoints along various stages of a project and protect the interests of the clients as well as the freelance writers. You can also opt for the Pay by Task and Pay by the Hour features offered by Guru.

Creating an account for freelance writers is easy on Guru and can be completed in minutes.  All you have to do is create a powerful and detailed profile and submit quotes for jobs that are open for grabs. Interested clients will communicate with the freelancers directly and create an agreement, customized to meet the requirements of each project and the writer.

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9. The Writer Finder

Freelance writers looking to make money from their writing skills can make their dream come true by signing up with The Writer Finder. They have over 1900 writers registered with them. As a freelancer, you just have to browse through the various writing projects posted on the site by clients. The Writer Finder will introduce you to the client so that you can both connect and collaborate together on the platform and deliver the desired results.

The Writer Finder is a Growth Machine company where more than 70 articles are created every week across 15 plus blogs. They have a viewership of more than 3,000,000 readers every month, making it a great platform for new freelance writers to get incredible exposure. The Writer Finder platform provides writing opportunities for both new and seasoned writers. They can write on a variety of subjects based on their niche expertise.

10. Textbroker

If you have great writing talent, you can make money from it with Textbroker. This is the place where your writing skills can pay off and quite well too. As a freelance writer, you can find thousands of freelance writing projects that can help you earn a steady income for as long as you wish. Thousands of freelance writers with a passion to monetize their skills have found precisely what they are looking for at Textbroker.

This platform is the leading one for clients looking for fresh, unique and informative content on various topics. According to the website, they deliver more than 100,000 content orders every month. So, if you are willing to try hard and deliver great writing stuff, there is money waiting for you at Textbroker. You can easily access multiple writing opportunities on topics that appeal to you. Frankly, if you have the skills, there is no real limit on how much you can earn on Textbroker.

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These above-mentioned five freelancer writing platforms are highly recommended for those who are serious about making money online. You can start off with any of these and you have ample freedom to move up the ladder.

As you enter into any one of these, you get the confidence and exposure to expand into the others too. The trick to doing well on these sites is to make sure you have created a complete and impressive profile. You need to then add it to the sites so that you appear to be a thorough professional. You can also resort to cold pitching to find such sites online and write to them directly for jobs.

Marketing yourself aggressively can actually help you land good jobs at these marketplaces. You may even try guest posting on high authority sites. These are websites with high rankings on Google or are very popular. If you can post on any of these sites, your doors to other freelance clients will open up automatically. You may even choose to guest post on the niche blogs. These may not be read by masses but they are typically related to the freelancing writing niche. So, your credibility improves and you begin to be acknowledged as an expert in the field.

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