Making the Most of Attending a Search Marketing Expo

Search engine marketing agencies have plenty of incentive to make an appearance at one or more industry expos every year. Doing so helps to spread brand awareness, connect with potential clients, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders and world-renowned experts. But all this starts and ends with making a good impression.

Here are the main areas of focus when making the most of attending an SEM expo:

The setup

An SEO agency’s presence at a SEM expo consists of a booth from which they greet visitors and share information. Start with a branded 10×20 canopy tent and situate it above a table. Think of the area behind the table as a stage on which you can showcase the most important aspects of your agency. A wall adorned with the logos and brand names of clients is a classic option, but you might also want to consider mentioning any accolades or awards your agency has received in recent memory. For the sake of a clean and professional appearance, try and keep boxes of promotional items and other materials hidden behind the back wall of your stand.

The location

The reality is that your company tent is one of potentially hundreds spread out over the floor of the convention center. With this in mind, the location of your expo booth matters. While securing a corner position is ideal, it might not be possible. The second-best choices include being located near refreshment booths, lecture stages, and unique trade show attractions. These are considered prime trade show real estate, so make it your mission to secure a spot in one of these key areas.

The people

Most SEM agencies consist of dozens if not hundreds of employees. Who you choose to man your expo stand will be an important decision to make. Opt for employees with the right balance of expertise and personality. You want people who possess excellent people skills while also having the ability to talk shop with those visiting the booth.

The promotions

Distributing promotional items is one of the hallmarks of an industry expo experience. SEM agencies should make sure to stock up on these materials ahead of time. The best promotional items include things like carabiner keychains, reusable straws, and wireless phone chargers. These and similarly useful products are likely to be used by those who receive them, which serves the purpose of spreading brand awareness for as long as possible.

The takeaways

While much of the focus on attending industry expos involves ways to spread awareness about your search marketing agency, this is only one side of the experience. The other side involves learning as much about the industry as possible, uncovering insights about competitors, and developing important takeaways to bring back to the office. Consider it a learning experience as much as possible.

Attending one or more SEM expos in 2020 should be at the top of every SEM agency’s list of new year objectives. Doing so puts your company in a position to make itself more known across the industry and get in touch with new clients. It also enables you to enhance your own understanding of how SEM works and ways your company can improve.