Marketing Veteran Launches Vertuoso, the World’s First Creative Agency Dedicated to Vertical Storytelling

Award winning brand and marketing veteran and two time Emmy nominee Curt Doty has launched Vertuoso, the world’s first creative and production agency dedicated to vertical storytelling. The way we consume digital content is evolving fast and when we open our phones to view a new ad or trailer on Snapchat’s vertical platform we expect to be entertained by perfectly optimized and visually sharp content. Doty’s goal for Vertuoso is to help brands harness the power of creative vertical storytelling to create better content for a new age of digital consumers. Vertuoso CEO Curt Doty, executive producer Greg Babiuk, and their impressive team of board advisors (including Spencer Gerrol, CEO of SPARK Neuro) will combine over 50 years of shared industry experience to collaborate with studios, networks, brands, agencies and media companies to create, enhance, and optimize their video campaigns for vertical and square platforms. Through cutting edge design, research, and analytics, Vertuoso will aid companies in the development of new verticalized content. According to a report by Snapchat found on Vertuoso’s site, “we hold our phones vertically 94% of the time”, and according to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends, “vertical viewing has increased 600% over the last five years.” Vertical storytelling is clearly on the rise and the standards for experience are growing as vertical platforms like Snapchat surge in popularity. Not only will Vertuoso help companies take advantage of vertical storytelling through vertically tailored design strategies and landscape and portrait mode tailored production, they will also offer neuroscience studies and focus groups, quantitative and qualitative, that measure emotion and attention to the millisecond to enhance their campaigns and educate clients.

Curt Doty and Vertuoso have undoubtedly broken the mold on vertical storytelling and closed a rift in the world of digital marketing. Telling stories is tantamount to being human and even though the way we tell, share, and consume stories is changing, the core aspects of what we cling to are the same. We are always searching for gripping plots, powerful settings, and emotional and honest reflections of ourselves and our world on screens. We may not instinctively perceive advertisements as stories, but when done right, an organization’s stories can be as emotionally affecting and relatable as any film or show. It’s common knowledge that good stories lead to good conversion rates and word-of-mouth engagement. Curt Doty’s Vertuoso has set a new standard for vertical storytelling and the long-term impact of their work will surely pave the way for similar companies looking to join the vertical revolution.

For more on Curt Doty and his accomplishments visit and connect with him on LinkedIn. You can check out Vertuoso’s launch video here (be sure to watch on your smartphone.)

Vertuoso Company Contact
Curt Doty
(310) 994-7810