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There are several versions of the Microsoft Office available in the market, a few of which are available currently while most of them expired from the point of support of Microsoft even though Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the most used and famous versions of the productivity tool.

There are various versions of Microsoft Office 2016 available in the market, although each and every version of Office has different core applications and features. One of the most commonly used to version is Microsoft Office home and business 2016. In this article, we will discuss all the added features of Microsoft Office 2016.

Features available in the Microsoft Office 2016:

We have listed the top 10 best features of Microsoft Office 2016 because If you’re interested in Office you should definitely know all about it  before buying and using it.

1. Additional Ribbon Buttons:

The addition of more buttons on the ribbon allows you to quickly do things like archive items and add new groups without browsing additional menus. You can fit as many of the additional buttons as you want by right-clicking on the ribbon and selecting the ‘customize the ribbon’ option.

2. Collaboration Enhancements:

Within Microsoft Office 2016, Word and PowerPoint are getting collaboration features. You see commenting and sharing icons in the ribbons of both the core applications. This will also allow you to check the activity of the previous version of the document by using the activity button from the ribbon.

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3. Mentions:

This feature is only available for the Outlook 2016 or above. Now you will be able to use the mention feature just by using the @ symbol, followed by a few letters of the person named in the body. A drop-down option for the contact list will be available there and where you can select the person you want to mention.

4. Improve Connectivity Options:

This feature is specifically available for Excel, and it will allow you to import data from SAP HANA databases, online services, and SharePoint folders.

5. Publishing to

Now the managed or created documents made from the core applications of Office will get published to To use this feature you need to click on the file menu and select the publish option. There you’ll see a menu of publishing destinations where you can choose You will need to have Account on to use this feature.

6. Publishing to Power BI:

Power BI will help you to transform any data you have into any interactive reports in MS Excel. You can use the dashboard for monitoring, analyzing, and building models in Microsoft Excel.

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7. Researcher:

There is a new feature called researcher which can be used in Microsoft Word that allows you u to research online about any keywords or topics you want.

8. Feature Suggestions:

You can suggest features for future updates for Outlook, as there is a suggestive feature option which can be used for featuring any great ideas you or your team have. To take advantage of this click on the file option and go to the feedback. From there you need to click on the Outlook 2016 feedback option and suggest any feature which you want to see in the future updates

9. Text Highlighter:

A text highlighter option is also available in the MS PowerPoint, similar to the one inWord. Select and highlight various part s of the words using the text highlighter. To use this, click on the text highlighter option from the home tab and choose any color to highlight that particular text.

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10. Zooming:

PowerPoint has added in a feature which can be used for zooming different slides and sections. To use this feature, you need to click on the insert tab and selector zoom option. From that option will get a dropdown menu where you can select summary zoom, section zoom, and slide zoom.

Last Words

Microsoft Office is the best productivity tool developed by the Microsoft corporation for most of the major platforms. Although choosing the right version of the Microsoft Office 2016 requires the details and the applications offered in the suite.

We have gathered complete pieces of information about Microsoft Office 2016 from the official website as well as from several user reviews and posted them in this article for you. Get to know more about the Microsoft Office at Softwarekeep.

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