Mobile Apps in Content Marketing: How to Ensure ROI

Content marketers, I think you’re forgetting something. Something kind of big.

When you’re creating a new content marketing campaign, you take into account a wide variety of content types. Blog posts, infographics, eBooks, and a multitude of others are usually at the top of your mind as viable options. But you’re missing out on an amazing avenue: mobile applications.

Yes, mobile apps are content, too. While it’s fairly obvious that developing a mobile application is far more labor (and cost) intensive than creating a run-of-the-mill blog post, the potential return on investment is much larger than said blog post and many other content forms.

However, to achieve that big fat ROI, you must consider how you’re going to acquire and increase installs. It’s similar to promoting any other piece of content, in that you want to put your mobile app in front of a relevant audience.

How do you make sure that’s plausible? The best approach is like a fork: two-pronged. However, your budget will greatly dictate if you carry out one or both of the tactics listed below.

Prong One: New App Launches with a Small Budget

The overarching goal as you first launch should be to acquire the most profitable users to expand your marketing budget. In order to accomplish this, you need to get installs without breaking the bank on advertising. Enter Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook was the first to roll out mobile app advertisements, and Twitter followed suit. On Facebook’s platform, all you need to do is copy and paste your app’s app store URL into the Ads Create Tool, and of course, add a link to your Facebook page. Twitter’s platform is quite similar, giving advertisers options to target based on gender and mobile platform, among other things.

Again, the best aspect of both avenues is their relatively low cost, which is perfect for tight budgets.

Prong Two: Proven App Concept with a Medium-to-Large Budget

After your app concept is proven, you have a user base and you’re generating revenue from the app, it’s time to graduate to more impactful methods that require larger budgets. The best way to do this is to massively expand your reach through app recommendation platforms.

Why are app recommendation platforms so effective? App recommendation firms, like youAPPi, have built a massive network of mobile publishers (mobile websites, blogs, and apps) who are ready and waiting to recommend your app to their audience. And that’s not all these firms are offering up; youAPPi even has “smartAPP” technology that matches your mobile app with individual users based on their content consumption habits.

What does this mean for you and your mobile app? It means better quality installs, higher usage rates, and increased lifetime value over those acquired via the first approach mentioned above.

Whether you choose Prong One, Prong Two or both- you’re taking major strides in sticking a fork into this often-overlooked content type. Even better, you’re on the road to increased ROI.

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