Google AMP Boards the Stories Train The developers at Google recently announced in a blog post that they would be launching visually rich, swipe-through AMP Stories, closely resembling the Stories format made famous by Snapchat…
Google Launches AMP Stories
  • 555
  • 02/21
  • Genevieve Dietz
In this day and age creating your own application seems like no big deal with marbles signing maples elsewhere while hornets “do the do”. According to the recent stats in 2017, 42% of small businesses…
Essential Things to Consider Before You Start Creating an App for Your Business
  • 125
  • 02/20
  • Kim Hailey Teams Up with NBC Olympics to Provide New Experiences for Musers In a February 15th press release,, a popular global video community, announced that they would be teaming up with NBC Olympics to… and NBC Olympics Put Influencers in Charge of Telling Olympic Stories
  • 32
  • 02/16
  • Genevieve Dietz
  Did you know that over six million apps are available for download in the leading app stores? The competition is fierce, but the potential success can be extremely lucrative if done right. There were…
8 Crucial Elements to Creating and Marketing Successful Apps
  • 2.1K
  • 01/25
  • Nick Rojas
Learning from your mistakes is a great way to improve, it’s true, but learning from someone else’s mis-steps is definitely a less costly, painful way to grow. There are a lot of potential pitfalls when…
5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating an eCommerce Website
  • 221
  • 01/24
  • Erica Silva
  If you have a company that has recently launched an app, surely you will desire to make it a worldwide success. Well, there are a couple of factors to consider before making your dream…
How to Market your App so it Becomes a Worldwide Success
  • 478
  • 01/04
  • Madhu V Swamy
In the past, Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems only looked at the desktop version of a site’s content. Websites with vastly different mobile appearances and functionalities weren’t being evaluated correctly by Google’s systems so…
Google Starts Mobile-First Indexing
  • 137
  • 12/20
  • Genevieve Dietz
Content marketers have long been using apps like Facebook and Instagram to share their content. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in businesses developing their own apps to distribute their content to their audience.…
When an App Might Be a Mistake
  • 437
  • 11/13
  • Victoria
In late 2016, Google announced its plans to launch the mobile-first index. Once this comes into play (expected sometime in 2018), Google will rank websites based on their mobile versions instead of their desktop versions.…
Digital Marketing for Mobile-First Customers – Trends to Track
  • 548
  • 11/08
  • Joydeep Bhattacharya
Remember the good old days when internet marketing consisted solely of putting up a website, and waiting for visitors to stop by and check out whatever it was you were selling? That was pretty much…
How To Get More Leads From Your Mobile Marketing
  • 85
  • 08/22
  • Gordon Keegan
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