Movyl Technologies Unveils New AI Based Social Media Marketing Platform

Movyl Introduces a Solid New AI Solution

Movyl Technologies, a San Francisco-based global social media tech company, is launching a hyper intelligent AI social media marketing platform designed to help its users automate their influencer marketing strategies, optimize sharing and paid ads, and scale more social tasks.

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In an interview with VentureBeat, Movyl Technologies CEO Giancarlo Mori stated,

“As social continues to grow, companies need to continue making significant investments in manpower, time, and services just to keep up. The pace is unsustainable. We have developed our platform to help companies increase the quality and engagement of their content and improve their results using smaller teams.”

User bases on social media platforms are growing at an unprecedented rate and AI is helping marketers focus more on reaching those new audiences through creative content and engagement and less on manually optimizing that content.

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According to Movyl, the platform will utilize neural networks and deep learning, natural language processing, and other forms of AI to automate social functions; giving marketers more time to hone their  creative efforts.

The AI based platform will expedite and automate nearly all social marketing functions across the 15 major social networks Movyl supports including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Google+, and more.

Groundbreaking Capabilities

Movyl’s intelligent AI monitoring tool will help marketers find and filter content, follow trends, keep track of their audience’s conversations, and create insights related to topics they’re talking about the most.

Users can use the tool to connect to content across the web in real time and the AI feature will suggest relevant and current stories that their audiences will pay attention to.

The platform includes AI predictive tools which will enable marketers to get a full understanding of their social media channels and paid social ad performance. The platform will also set important posts on repeat schedules, highlight relevant trends that marketers may want to pay attention to, and suggest post hashtags.

Access to the AI platform is by invitation only and users are added every week on a rolling basis. Movyl is charing $300 per person per month for the complete dashboard. They currently have a web app and plan on unveiling a mobile app sometime in the future.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been topics on the minds of most marketers this year. According to Relevance co-founder and adjunct internet marketing professor Chad Pollitt,

“AI alone is predicted to disrupt forecasting, customer service, education, finance, foodservice, personalized healthcare, medical, logistics, loyalty programs, marketing, procurement, public relations, search, and security.”

We are seeing AI invade the digital marketing space at unexpected speeds and it can be hard to make sense of this rapid integration. Companies like Movyl, Hubspot, AdHive, and Salesforce are fearlessly hurtling headfirst into the AI waters and thankfully, they are making it more accessible for us, one day at a time.

For more on the AI marketing movement, check out Chad Pollitt’s wildly informative article here and let us know what you think of AI marketing in the comments below.