No, You Cannot Blame The Budget. Not After Seeing These Videos

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I think it is safe to assume that we all are pretty familiar with the great statistics backing the importance of video marketing. As we are with broccoli and, of course, the power of meditation.

But while easy to execute for companies with big marketing budgets or an in-house design team, how do the rest of us lower mortals piggyback this obviously here-to-stay trend?

Easy, try on these quick (and relatively… I said relatively… cheaper) ideas for size.

We’ve heard that the iPad will change your life, but will it change the way you blend?

With more than 285 million views, the “Will It blend” series is a super-successful series of infomercials demonstrating the Blendtec line of blenders. In these, the founder, Tom Dickson, relies on our sense of shock and amazement as he proceeds to blend some very unlikely items together.

Strike a Chord. Speak from the heart. 

Cats and puppies get the glory but honest words delivered with sincerity work just as well. With nearly 28 million views, this video created by the copywriting agency, Purple feather, promotes the importance of choosing the right words with a simple but powerful narrative.

Just make them laugh… or cry… both work equally well actually. 

I was honestly spoiled for choice in this category, but I went with “If Google was a guy”. It won’t matter if you filmed it in your college dorm or the Golden Bridge. This video was actually produced by College humor, an online entertainment agency and not Google but remains a great example of low cost video marketing.

Still not getting any? PRANK THEM!

Parodies, tricks, and jokes are another super cheap way to spread the word about your brand. In the above video, an online insurance company used stickers that resembled scratches and then filmed the owner’s reactions. They also gave out these stickers so viewers could then prank their friends… simple but powerful.

And my favorite… SING them a tune.

Now, if you’ve every searched the list of the most watched videos, you will know that music videos pretty much own the scene (Released in Jan 2017, Despacito tops the charts at more than 5 billion views). Adding a music element to even a simple animation or slice of life video can just elevate it and multiple your chances of success. 

Note: This is not a list of the top performing commercials – just what I thought were good examples of great ideas for low cost video marketing. So, yes, I have deliberately left out videos that featured football superstars or those that need a celebrity filming crew.