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Organic Instagram Growth Strategies To Build Your Brand

Date published: March 05, 2020
Last updated: March 5, 2020

Instagram brings you so many possibilities for gaining exposure. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, you know that it is very important that you build your profile. Doing this is not easy, especially in the days when everyone tries so hard to gain followers. Organic growth will bring you the best results. But, you need to have the right strategy in your hands. Otherwise, your journey will be a dead-end one. Read on and find out about the ways in which you can grow your Instagram!

Find your followers

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you will need to approach them. Followers won’t find you in the sea of countless Instagram accounts. It is up to you to take a few key steps to get closer to them. Instagrammers use a few secret tricks when it comes to finding their followers.

First, you need to find accounts similar to yours. They should be already developed and working. Then, check their followers’ list. They are all people that are interested in their content. Since you have a similar account, the chances that these people will love your own content are huge. Congratulations, you have found a whole network of people that might like your page. And all that for free. Now, you can follow them and wait for them to follow back. It is so simple and straightforward.

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Mind the algorithms

Social media constantly come up with new and different algorithms. And they won’t tell you about this so that you can’t crack it. But, there are a few things that many Instagrammers already know.

Instagram makes it difficult for you to gain followers. Probably they think that accounts with a higher number of followers are more likely to be praised by people. You won’t notice any rapid growth until you reach 5,000 followers. After this number, the rate will start to raise. You need to work really hard to get the first 5,000 followers. After that, it is easier. Instagram will think of you as a trustworthy account and will show you on the explore page more often.

Invest in good content

Instagram isn’t about posting random pics. If you want to get serious, planned shots and consistent feed are the way to go. Invest in good equipment to get the best shots. Or, use online sites to buy photos if this is a convenient option. Depending on your category, this can take the money and effort to be done. However, be sure to offer the best visuals for your fans. If they are amazed by your content, they won’t hesitate to press the Follow button.

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Offer them value

Ask yourself: Why would someone follow my Instagram account? If you can’t find the right answer, it is very likely that you need to rethink your social media strategy again. People will stick around if you offer them some kind of value. Do you bring them recommendations for good products? People like to read reviews and watch videos on the topic, so this is a good idea to get started.

If you have a travel blog, offer them helpful tips from your experience or discount codes. If you are a business trying to get their way on Instagram, you can also offer tips from your experience. Makeup stores can post tips and tutorials, while stores related to furniture can share tips on home decor. Offer a discount code for your Instagram followers that will buy the product. It is all about understanding the needs and problems that your fans face.

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