Native Advertising

According to a study released late last year by Adyoulike, worldwide spending on native advertising will soar to over $59 billion in 2018. Cisco’s The Zettabyte Era – Trends and Analysis found that global IP…
2016 Native Advertising Trends for Publishers
  • 703
  • 07/08
  • Chad Pollitt
Do a quick search for phrases around the death of the sales funnel. There’s article after article opining that the sales/marketing funnel is dead because the buyer’s journey is no longer linear. Makes sense, right?…
Why the Sales Funnel is Alive and Well and Living on the Web
  • 413
  • 05/31
  • Chad Pollitt
Chad Pollitt, Relevance’s Vice President of Audience and Co-founder, is an Adjunct Professor with Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business Indianapolis campus. His class, BUS M432 – Digital Marketing: Theory, Design and Strategy, recently competed in…
3 Things You Need to Know About Native Advertising
  • 528
  • 04/27
  • Emily Riley
In 2015, this column took a look at some of the best and worst pieces of content marketing produced that year, breaking down what made some pieces work, and why others fell flat on their…
Sponsored Content Analysis
  • 347
  • 03/10
  • Jonah Bliss
The introduction of the Internet to US households in the early 90’s has forever changed the media landscape and how consumers discover and engage with content. From the very first banner ad to the present…
Native Advertising
  • 531
  • 03/01
  • Chad Pollitt
In the past week, Google has made major news with changing users search experience. Today, Google officially released its latest initiative—Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With the majority of people searching, reading and consuming content on mobile…
  • 761
  • 02/24
  • Aisha Herring
In today’s competitive advertising market, it is important to keep up with the trends and reach the maximum number of potential customers with equal ease. Two of the most popular kind of advertisements available are…
  • 3.7K
  • 02/12
  • Mariia Lvovych
So, you’ve created content that you believe is engaging and entertaining enough to draw large traffic, but how would you ensure it reaches the right audience? Well, to make the most of your content, you’ll…
  • 3.9K
  • 02/10
  • Alice Jackson
For the past few years, sponsored content has been hailed as the savior of the journalism industry by some. It’s no secret that many publications’ print business suffers from falling circulation rates. In addition, many…
Bad Sponsored Conent
  • 711
  • 02/01
  • Jonah Bliss
The FTC recently released an enforcement policy outlining which forms of native advertising it deems acceptable and deceptive. Here's what you need to know.
ftc native advertising
  • 793
  • 12/30
  • Ash Nashed
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