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Snapchat Abandons Its Past Ad Practices After a dismal first year as a public company, Snapchat is looking to turn a profit by testing 6 second unskippable ‘Commercials’ on select Snapchat Shows starting in mid-May.…
Snapchat to Test Six-Second Unskippable Ads
  • 69
  • 04/26
  • Genevieve Dietz
You probably heard about the hot water Facebook is in. The eyebrows raised over the way Cambridge Analytica and Facebook used consumer data is a definite red flag for everyone on social media. However, there…
  • 269
  • 04/25
  • Nick Rojas
The world of digital tools for business growth used to evolve every decade. Now, the renewal interval is less than a few years, and AI seems to be grabbing all the attention. It has surpassed…
Why Does Your Company Need AI Powered Social Media Analytics?
  • 185
  • 04/24
  • Maria Weinberger
Every business online must have an effective marketing strategy that focuses on SEO and social media management. This marketing strategy needs time and planning. Search engine optimization helps you get the visibility you deserve for…
Manage Your SEO And Social Media Marketing Campaign Better With These Effective Strategies!
  • 223
  • 04/20
  • Lucy Jones
Both consumers and brands alike are using social media platforms to consume and create videos at a staggering rate. According to Cisco, a million minutes of video will be moving across the internet every second…
Why Ongoing Video is Essential for Social Media
  • 299
  • 04/11
  • Eric Vidal
It’s hard to believe, but the hashtag is now officially more than a decade old. That means there’s an entire generation of youngsters on Twitter who never knew a world without it, though most marketers…
Hashtagging for Results: The Power Behind That Pound Sign
  • 902
  • 04/02
  • Courtney Myers
Aside from the obvious social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there are other great sites that you can try for business use. This article is going to explore just a few of these to…
  • 412
  • 03/26
  • Katie Rose
Your articles are great, your info graphics are fantastic and you notice that users click on them quite frequently… but why do so few people share them? The popularity of content usually depends on its…
6 Tips For Getting People To Share Your Content
  • 706
  • 03/21
  • Melissa Cartew
Colors have a huge generally consistent impact on the emotions we feel. For example, rare is the country where a stop sign is green and in few places will they paint a room meant for…
How To Use Color In Your Social Media Strategy
  • 563
  • 03/06
  • Pat Fredshaw
Do you find it difficult to keep up with the changing social media marketing scenario to grab user attention and get more leads? Would you like to know how the successful social media marketers manage…
Social Media Marketing Tips That Every Marketer and Web Designer Should Know!
  • 301
  • 03/02
  • Isabella Rossellini
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