PowerPost Introduces Brand Publishing Roadmap

The Brand Publishing Roadmap

Content marketing agency PowerPost announced yesterday that they have launched a definitive new 7-step guide entitled ‘The Brand Publishing Roadmap.’ The new ebook is designed to help brands become fully realized media properties.

Featuring insights from Robert Rose, Ann Handley, and other content marketing experts, this new guide uses methodologies popular in journalism to help content marketers create effective publishing programs.

Self proclaimed ‘Brand Journalists,’ PowerPost have made it part of their core mission to add touches of journalistic flair to their suite of content marketing solutions. With analytic tips, editorial techniques, and research direct from the Content Marketing Institute and Hubspot, this new guide will be a valuable resource to content marketers on every step of their content journey.

According to PowerPost, the new guide will allow marketers to:

  • “Build an airtight strategy that ties to your business financial goals, organize, structure.”
  • “Scale your organization according to journalistic principles.”
  • “Atomize your content to get the maximum publishing output without adding resources.”


About PowerPost

Founded in 2015, PowerPost has turned into one of the nation’s top enterprise-level publishing platforms. The newsroom type agency harnesses the full breadth of their journalistic integrity as they work closely with brands to deliver exceptional and thought-provoking content.

Powered by Atomic Content Technology, the PowerPost tool makes it easy for marketers to maximize content distribution, establish themselves as publishers, and simplify the way their content is shared across digital channels.

They offer a wide range of social media, web, blog and article, email and newsletter, and design solutions that help marketers craft and promote branded narratives. These, along with powerful measurement tools, allow marketers to craft original and effective content and analyze the success rates of their content in real time. PowerPost has offices in St. Louis and Chicago.

The ‘Brand Publishing Roadmap,’ is available now as an ebook at www.powerpost.digital/brand-publishing-roadmap

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