Promoting your Brand with Holiday Content

As we approach the close of the 2014 holiday season, it’s safe to assume we’ve seen our fair share of holiday-themed content in our news feeds. There is a good reason for this: For marketers, holiday content simply works.

Like clockwork, companies from all over begin to post online seasonal specials and promotions to encourage consumers to join in the holiday spirit and make a purchase for themselves or a loved one. Companies can find success by catering to this season of giving and promote holiday-themed content that keeps the audience interested and engaged to finish off the year strong.

Here are some great promotional ideas for online content that can deliver great results for your brand. Creating blog posts, infographics and free guides with a holiday twist is always a great way to attract extra traffic to your site and help connect with your audience through 2015. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Seasonal Tips

It’s been said time and time again: Great content not only tells a great story but provides value for the reader and educates them on a specific challenge or question. Regardless of your field or niche interest, seasonal tips are a great way to connect with an audience while building trust and establishing your authoritative voice within the industry.

From how-to videos to home winterization tips to new team-building ideas for the workplace – the ideas for seasonal tips are endless. Valuable tips tied to distinct times of the year will not only build trust with readers but provide so much value that they will want to share that information with their friends and family.

Promote Gift Buying or Product Guides

Make shopping for others easy for your readers by posting lists of gift ideas that relate to your target audience and current seasonal holiday. The list can consist of products or services that your company offers, or not; the main goal is to promote or distribute a resource for readers to share with friends and reference later when it’s time to make a purchase.

Even if readers don’t make a purchase right away, your trusted and valuable content will be remembered for the future. Such guides are helpful because shoppers actively look for them during holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Holiday-themed content may have a shelf-life, but the potential boost in traffic and sales is too big to pass up.

Introduce New Products

What time would be better than the holiday season – when most people are in a “ready to buy” state of mind – to introduce new products or services for your customers?

Although it’s too late for a launch this holiday season, there’s plenty of time to start planning for 2015. Create content that will showcase and promote your new product or service offering. Try creating a countdown or some other way to build hype for the release that keeps consumers checking back for more information. This can help boost initial sales for your product and help promotional efforts after the release.

Employing a seasonal strategy throughout the year – not just at Christmastime – shows consumers a personal side of the brand while also serving them the relevant, timely information they need. Creating a specific holiday promotional campaign for your content like the ideas listed above can greatly improve your brand’s traffic, leads, and sales. As the most wonderful time of the year, this is your chance to connect with the audience for the rest of the year and start 2015 out strong.