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Every day, we’re faced with all the content that has been churned into the interwebs and vying for our attention. We spend hours sifting through everything from blog posts to infographics and videos. This may…
Why Use An Interactive In Your Marketing Campaign?
Owned, paid and earned media aren't easy concepts to understand. But getting into the personalities of each media tactic could help you understand them.
Being Media: Owned, Paid And Earned Media Personified
What's more important than good content? Effective content distribution. Here's how distribution can make or break a campaign.
Content Is King, But Distribution Is Queen And She Wears The Pants
Content marketing is more than just being in the right place at the right time--it's having the right data to help you craft the best content.
Loading The Content Marketing Dice With Data
Purina's latest social media campaign reached one of our team members with a bit of inspired personalized marketing. What's the future of these campaigns?
Purina, Puppies And Personalized Marketing
Almost one year ago, popular news magazine Newsweek published what was touted as its final print issue. Newsweek’s recently departed editor, Tina Brown, cited cost as just one reason to abandon the physical edition of…
How Digital Marketers Can Win Print And Digital Magazine Readers
Content marketing is at risk--but is content itself at fault?
Content Killed The Marketing Star
Inbound marketing reminds us that there is no shortcut to market research, data-driven decision making and communicating correctly with prospects. Most importantly, it reminds us that the message to our prospects must focus on a…
Google SERP Analysis: Decision-Making For Inbound Marketers
No matter how grandiose or groundbreaking your branded content is, that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone’s going to read it. In fact, many of the 347 blog posts that get published each minute on the Internet don’t reach…
What Content Promotion Can Do For Your Brand
Many in the online marketing and PR arena are abuzz about Mark Shaefer’s recent post on a concept he terms “content shock.” Its implications have the potential to impact the rookie content creator to the…
Content Shock: Why Earned Media (Not Quality Content) Will Save Content Marketing
Content distribution and promotion are vital pieces of today’s content marketing puzzle. Without an effective content distribution strategy, content marketing can become a drain on time and resources.
How to Build an Audience-Centric Content Distribution & Promotion Strategy
As the saying goes, it’s important find the right tool for the job. Whether it’s a snow shovel during the Polar Vortex or Hubspot for capturing and nurturing your inbound leads, every situation has an ideal tool…
Teaching An Old Tool New Tricks: Using HARO For PR
Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, has been keeping webmasters of the world educated on Google’s best practices for search engine marketing since 2009. Through a series of YouTube videos and regular blog…
Matt Cutts, Internet Man Of Mystery
In May of last year, I wrote, “Why LinkedIn Just Got Less Appealing,” to voice the displeasure of myself and many others regarding LinkedIn Today’s (now called Pulse) abrupt content curation algorithm change. Prior to…
How Klout Is Poised To Clean LinkedIn’s Content Clock
I’m a pretty typical millennial. I don’t own cable or even have my TV antenna hooked up (is that even what they’re called these days?). But, I can name a number of recent television ads,…
Millennial Marketing 101: Be Friendly, Cute And Relevant

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