Guide To The New Quora Blogging Platform

Quora has launched a new blogging feature to their Q&A social network. Users can now create their own branded blog with a unique custom URL and publish content. This move represents a shot across the bow to LinkedIn Today and their Influencer Posts, as well as a direct challenge to Wikipedia’s content empire.

Writers and marketers can take advantage of this new blogging platform immediately and publish content on Quora beyond just asking and answering questions. Here is a quick how-to guide for setting up a blog on Quora.

1. Create a Blog

Upon logging in, most users will be prompted to create a blog. If not, simply visit Quora’s blog-building page.

You will then be redirected to the blog builder.

Here, you will name your blog, set a custom URL and choose a Topic. Topics match Quora network discussion topics and will populate as you type. You can also write an optional description (recommended). When you’re done, hit “Create Blog.”

You’ll then be taken to your blog at the URL you set. Here, you’ll have two branding options: a logo and color scheme.

You’ll then be prompted to write your first blog post.

2. Write Your Blog Post

The blog builder is quite simple. You can title your blog and enter the body text. Interestingly, you can @ tag a Quora topic as hypertext. Simply type @ and then a letter and a suggested list will appear. You can also upload images and change text formatting.

When you’re done, hit Post.

3. Invite Others to Follow Your Blog

Blog posts will have unique URLs, such as this example below:


You can also invite other users to follow your blog. Check the gear icon in the top-right. Additionally, one of the biggest benefits to this blogging platform is the unique URL.

Marketers should consider registering their names and company brand names for reputation management and search purposes. There is also an opportunity to create a blog under a keyword phrases or topic (example:, or

Additional Features

Users can create multiple blogs under one account. Just visit Quora even after you’ve created one blog to create more.

Those who don’t yet have a Quora account can login via Twitter or Facebook for quick account creation. What do you think of this new blogging platform? Have you seen any interesting blogs? Let us know in the comments!