Research and Analytics Firm RelishMIX teams up with Content Agency Vertuoso

The strategic alliance will allow both companies to track, advise and execute social and content strategies in the nascent vertical storytelling market.

Marc Karzen, chief strategist at RelishMIX states, “As fans are viewing and sharing content across social/mobile devices, entertainment brands are always looking for better ways to optimize their materials and that’s where Vertuoso and RelishMIX intersect. RelishMIX consults and advises on critical issues like how big is your connected audience, how can you grow, how do you compare and drive much more engagement? We can tell you.”

Vertuoso’s CEO Curt Doty adds, “As we are advising and helping our clientele go vertical, we are finding a lot of disruption and confusion around the opportunity. Now more than ever, media companies need to track and understand the SMU’s (Social Media Universe) of their competition so they can react and plan on how they should re-enter the social market but with vertical content across all the channels now.”

Now that all the social channels have embraced vertical, first with players, then influencer content and now scripted episodics, the table is set and content strategies are being developed at every studio and network. The pipeline of original scripted “VertisodesSM” is coming and will require a whole new focus on metrics. This won’t be your Daddy’s Nielsen ratings.

Vertuoso’s COO Greg Babiuk adds,”With RelishMIX, we will be able to help position our clients through education, data and a solid understanding of the SMU. We have always been data driven, in our launch, in our neuroscience studies and our predictions, which have all come true.”

“US adults will spend 12 hours, 8 minutes per day with media in 2018, 1 minute more than in 2017. Although growth is slow, consumption patterns are shifting. Notably, daily consumption of digital media will overtake traditional media this year, reaching 6 hours, 19 minutes, or 52.1% of media time.”Source: eMarketer

Two years into Snap’s effort to expand the Snapchat app beyond mere mode of communication to a platform for content as well, a new slate of original series will feature a first wave of scripted projects. Source: Variety

“The amount of time individuals spend with social networks continues to increase, especially with the proliferation of newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. US adults averaged approximately 51 minutes of daily time with social networks in 2017.”Source: eMarketer 

Doty adds, “We were hopeful when IGTV launched, but it has been an onslaught of creator content, cats and dogs and not much original scripted. Suddenly Snap, YouTube and Facebook Watch have greenlit and launched a number of scripted originals, thus extending the playing field into an exciting arena of content.”

In this data driven world, it seems like a great fit, as innovation that is born out of user behavior should now be tracked and measured to drive further adoption.


RelishMIX tracks thousands of TV shows, streaming programs and movies across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, measuring audience engagement, activity and advising studios, networks and producers with our tracking and tactical reports. How can social boost box-office, lift ratings or drive streaming subscriptions? We’ll tell you. Relish is social – the things that you like, follow, click, share and relish. Where activity flows across social networks is your RelishMIX.

Contact: Marc Karzen


Vertuoso responds to the mobile audience with a robust viewing experience verticalized for maximum impact. Vertuosoproduces marketing, promotion and original content repurposed or shot vertically, with graphic and production techniques exclusively designed for mobile viewing. Launched this year by creative and production executives Curt Doty and Greg Babiuk, the agency has tapped into the new category of content of vertical and their expertise has led to contracts with Viacom and many of their channels. Located in LA, NY and Santa Fe, they manage a team of producers, animators and editors who have been busy verticalizing everything from promos, ancillary content, podcasts and TV shows.

Contact: Curt Doty

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