Review Content Strategy for Your Business & Make it Better

Many elements of your content strategy may be reviewed and updated for the better. Identifying which elements to review and which to update is part of the process. Here are several content strategy elements that you may review in order to improve.

Review And Redefine Your Target Audience

Any level of personalized marketing is desirable within a content strategy, and even the most simple strategy has a target audience, even if the target audience is the result of the content-strategy’s direction rather than the content strategy being the result of the target audience.

One assumes that your content strategy is not dumb enough to try to please everybody, because otherwise your content would feature articles about how Hans Solo and Jean Luke Picard are the best ship captains, and how every color in the rainbow is the best color.

Even if your target audience is the result of your content strategy, you could still introduce the idea of defining your target audience at this late stage. By defining your target audience, you may make your content topic selections a little more consistent.

Review And Redefine Your Marketing Goals

You may argue that your content strategy doesn’t have goals, but if that is the case, then why do you have a content strategy? Consider reviewing and redefining your goals to make them more specific or maybe more flexible. Consider the direction you are taking right now and think about going the opposite way. There is no law that says you have to go the opposite way, but it may be worth considering.

Look at the large media publishing groups that are run by predominantly Jewish groups. Their marketing goals were to undermine the Trump presidential administration while selling advertising space to leftist companies. Then, President Trump became the first US president to ever officially recognize Israel. The same publishing groups quickly shifted their marketing goals and slowed their attacks on the Trump administration. If they had ruthlessly stuck to their guns and maintained their original marketing goals, they would have prompted a massive amount of scorn from their own community.

Review And Redefine Your Content Dissemination Channels

The example above showed how sometimes you “need” to change your marketing goals in order to roll with the times, and the same is true of your content dissemination channels. Google+ may have been a joke eight years ago, but it is now loaded with males aged 16 – 80 years old. If you are selling to that demographic, then it is outright vital that part of your content is shared on Google+.

Review And Redefine Your Content Dissemination Methods

One key to authentic communication is communicating in a way that your target audience favors. Some people are blog junkies, others are Facebook addicts, and some listen to podcast while driving. There is no rule that says you cannot disseminate the same content on multiple platforms, but it pays to have dominant platforms that are heavily visited by your target audience.

Review And Redefine Your Content Style

Open your mind to the wide variety of different content styles that exist. Your content style doesn’t have to match your target audience. There is no need the purposefully alienate your target audience because that would be dumb, but you will be surprised what some people in your target demographic actually like.

Quentin Tarantino said he made Kill Bill 1 & 2 both for action-junkie men and for young women who may enjoy seeing a powerful woman as the hero. He definitely didn’t make it for middle-aged housewives and elderly grandmas, but there are still women in those demographics who love the movies.

Review And Redefine Your Sales Funnels

This is a big task, and even if you spend hundreds of staff hours on the review, you should be very careful when implementing changes. One assumes that if you have a functioning sales funnel, then it has taken a long time and a lot of trial and error testing to get it right. Tampering with it, even after solid work by your review team, is going to be tricky and risky.

Consider reviewing your sale funnel phases. It is an easy way to break down your sales funnel into areas that may be tampered with in a way that offers measurable results. Another consideration is to completely ignore the things that are working within your sales funnel and to only review things that are both not working and that are still costing you resources.

Review And Redefine Your Content Creators

Maybe it is time to hire content creators to work on your premises, or maybe it is time to try outsourcing. You may have a reasonable amount of luck with a freelance writer or with an essay writing service. Are there social media influencers who may be willing to work with you, and have your current social media influencers lost their pulling power? Maybe it is to for a change.

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