Search Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter

Since its earliest days (and many would argue we’re still in its early days), search has been a fascinating and constantly changing field. First, there were pioneering companies like Netscape, AltaVista, and Yahoo! that made their mark as millions started to flock to the World Wide Web. Then came the emergence of Google, which would come to dominate the industry with an algorithm designed to fetch search results with an obsession for relevance and speed. Today, Google remains the industry leader as it seeks to fend off the likes of Bing and international challengers like Baidu. And, of course, there’s Facebook, a company with ambitions that rival Google’s own.

In recent years, we’ve seen the increasing importance of quality content when it comes to winning in Search. More recently, we’ve seen the emergence of social signals. The algorithms continue to change at a breakneck pace, so how do we keep up with the latest in search? Well, one way is to follow Search Thought Leaders on Twitter so you can see their observations and analysis of new trends. This post will profile some thought leaders that you should follow or add to a Twitter list.

John Battelle (@johnbattelle)

Twitter followers: 223,861

Klout score: 83

Battelle wrote the book on search. Specifically, he wrote a book called The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture; some eight years later, it remains arguably the best book ever written on the search industry. Battelle is an entrepreneur and journalist whose reach has included Wired magazine, The Web 2 Conferences and Federated Media Publishing.

Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan)

Twitter followers: 309,938

Klout score: 86

Danny Sullivan is Founding Editor of Search Engine Land, a prominent blog that covers search. He has been covering the industry since 1995 and is frequently cited as an expert on the field.

Avinash Kaushik (@avinash)

Twitter followers: 99,414

Klout Score: 83

Kaushik is an author and digital marketing evangelist at Google. He is an expert on web analytics and a noted speaker about how to use data to drive decision making.

Matt Cutts (@mattcutts)

Twitter followers: 232,340

Klout Score: 84

When this guy speaks, people in the search space listen. Cutts is head of the webspam team at Google and professionals in the industry have always paid close attention to his tweets, videos or public comments about anything regarding search.

Rand Fishkin (@randfish)

Twitter followers: 91,809

Klout score: 78

Fishkin is the CEO and Founder of oz, the Seattle-based company that’s long been at the heart of search with its blog, products and resources. Fishkin regularly speaks at industry conferences and has a passion for content, social networks and, of course, search. He is also the co-founder of, a community for Inbound Marketing.

So, those are a handful of the many people worth following on Twitter if you want to keep up with the latest in search. A few other notable feeds are Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, A Googler and Bing. What other feeds have you found to be helpful in keeping up with the search space? We’d love to hear about other helpful feeds that you follow.