SEO Dos and Don’ts: How Your Website Can Rank High Online

If you want your site to stay on top of the search engine results pages, optimizing it on a regular basis is a must. You should always be updated with the significant shifts and changes in the world of SEO to maintain your high rankings. You need to keep track of all the things that are happening in the online industry because the practices that helped your ranking yesterday may be useless today. In this article, we’ll provide some essential SEO Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow and methods that you shouldn’t apply anymore to achieve SEO success. 


Here are some SEO dos that you should keep in mind to ensure a high ranking:

  1. Keyword Research – Keywords may no longer be the primary factor in determining a site’s ranking, but they’re still of paramount importance. As an entrepreneur, you still need to uncover the words and phrases that online searchers are using to get results to what they’re searching. Look at their intent so you’ll get the primary and secondary set of words for your optimization efforts. Also, you may target long-tail keywords along with a long-form content to bring more traffic to your website.
  1. Relevant linking – Linking to other websites should be done wisely. Remember, a carelessly placed link may give your readers the impression that your site isn’t a reliable source of information. Hence, if you don’t want your SEO link building linking strategy to be meaningless, be sure to do it properly. Ask authoritative web resources to link to your site. The more relevant the sites are, the better for your SEO efforts.
  1. Blogging – From an SEO perspective, blogging remains to be a powerful tool in digital marketing. You have to learn the fundamentals of setting up a blog for your business to drive quality traffic to your website. Moreover, blogging means you need to create informative content as much as possible because there’ll be no SEO without this quality content. Make your blogs eye-catching and impressive by mixing contents with images, videos, and even infographics.
  1. Mobile optimization – Today, almost everybody uses mobile devices to stay in touch with the online world. Not only that but many people spend their time searching on the Internet using their mobile devices. With these in mind, the search engine industry prefers mobile-friendly websites. If you don’t want to be rejected by Google, ensure you optimize your site for mobile.
  1. Social Media Presence – The best way to advance your website in the search rankings is to have a strong social media presence. Getting the most out of social media doesn’t mean you need to create accounts for several platforms. It’s about reaching a wide audience through posting and sharing contents and engaging with them through the comments section. If you’re producing content from time to time, it’s best to share them as well on social media. Social media users will share your content on their accounts if they see it as readable and useful, increasing your audience reach.

SEO Don’ts 

If you’re still using one or two of the following techniques, now is the time to rethink your strategies if you want Google to keep you in the top ranks. Time flies and the search engines don’t like these methods anymore.

  1. Irrelevant keywords – Refrain from using keywords that are irrelevant to the actual content of your site. Search engines drop your site when the keywords you use on your website are unrelated to your products, services, and content.
  1. Irrelevant links – Don’t fill your sites with so many backlinks because search engines only want relevant links to be included in your content. Just like keywords, useless and unrelated links can lower your ranking.
  1. Keyword stuffing – Previously, you’ll get a high ranking if you repeat your keywords over and over again. Unfortunately, search engines have become sensitive to this kind of strategy. If you “keyword stuff” your meta tags, you are lowering your search engine ranking.
  1. “Text” content only – Don’t just focus on producing text-only content for your site. Be a bit more creative by using images and video materials. If you do this, there’ll be a bunch of people who’ll become interested in reading your content. So, you better open yourself up to some other content forms.
  1. Copying external content – Don’t copy external content if you don’t want to get in trouble. Produce your own unique and valuable content to avoid losing your ranking on search engines. 


Following this list of SEO Do’s and Don’ts will provide you with an opportunity to take advantage of the best SEO rules today. Not only that but you’ll have a better insight into what practices really work and don’t work. To put it simply, businesses don’t always stay on top of the search engines, but there are ways to prevent your site from slipping behind. If you want to make a difference in your SEO initiatives, seeking assistance from responsible agencies like HigherVisibility can be an excellent option. They’ll be your partner in ensuring your site’s high ranking in the search engine results pages.

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