SEO is Vital Amid COVID-19

Searching for Success in SEO Measurements

These are uncertain times for many small businesses in the United States, to say the least. Many businesses are experiencing a noticeable drop in profits with no decrease in overhead costs. Some are even choosing to shut down – but that doesn’t have to be the case for you and your business. Although content marketing and search engine optimization are often one of the first items to be cut out of the budget when profits are low, SEO continues to be a vital tool for the survival of your business during COVID-19. Why? Because out of all digital marketing solutions, good SEO tends to create the largest return on investment over time.

The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually end, and the businesses that come out alright will be those that chose to think long-term about their profits. Here are a few reasons why reorganizing your SEO strategy is an essential asset in weathering this COVID-19 storm.

More People Are On Social Media

It should come as no surprise that people are spending a lot more time on their devices and social media accounts now that they are locked in their homes. There has been a dramatic and recent spike in the number of visits to blogs, apps, and social media sites. Social Media Today has reported a global increase in time on apps as high as twenty percent. This is the perfect time to double down on link building, white label SEO, and an improved relationship between your customers and the brand name they have come to love.

Bid Prices are Dropping

In the current environment, bids in many industries are dropping their prices dramatically. There are many benefits to this reality that you can take advantage of, but there are also hazards that you should be aware of. The benefits are that PPC ads, AdWords, and SEO packages are going to be cheaper, but this also means that the search engine market is going to be more volatile. A good white label SEO program could save your business a lot of money while driving traffic to you or your client’s website. That is, as long as the white label SEO company you are working with has analysts that are able to keep up on white label SEO reports, price drops and markup, and the constant fluctuation of the current market.

If you aren’t already working with a digital marketing agency, then this is a good time connect with White Label SEO Reseller and account managers that specialize in local SEO. Make sure you find a white label provider with a good local SEO reseller program. Any decent SEO agency will offer SEO consulting, analytics on the performance of their target keywords, and reports on their sales process. Remember, you are playing the long game here, so finding a white label consultancy that can help you keep track of your performance over the long haul is key.

The Situation is Temporary

Yes, businesses across North America have noticed a drastic decrease in sales, but that will not and cannot last forever. According to Nick Eubanks, CEO of From the Future, it is essential to maintain or grow your SEO campaign. Why? Because if you cut your spending on SEO then it is very likely that your organic ratings will go down. Once search-demand returns, you will lose much of the traffic you were driving before COVID-19, which will make it even more difficult for your SEO to recover. It is for that reason the companies that will be most successful when this is all over are the companies that understand investing in SEO is the lifeboat to get through the current storm.