Setting Up Your Own Content Marketing Agency

Do you have a passion for promotion? Do you have a yearn to earn the widest possible exposure for client products and services? Do you view content marketing not as a job, but as a lifestyle? If you’ve got the knowledge and you’ve got the drive, you’re ready to set up your own content marketing agency.

It takes a lot of hard work and willpower to establish a business of any kind. From the get-go, you’ll have to secure financing, create a logo, and file for the proper business licenses. This is an intricate and time-consuming process and it’ll require all of your attention. But there are other important business decisions you’ll have to make.

Here are some tips on how to set up your content marketing agency if you’re going to set it up for success.

Get the Right Office Space

Think carefully about what kind of office space you want to rent. In the beginning, your office should be proportional to the size of your staff. Don’t get a space that can hold 100 employees when you only have 10. Conversely, don’t get a space that can only hold 5 employees when you have 20, unless you’re truly restricted by your budget.

It’s tempting to get an office that has more space than what you need because you want to be prepared for the future growth of the company. But starting up a business is really expensive. If you want to save money and provide your company with a lounger amount of time to turn a profit, you should get a smaller office first, and upgrade to a larger one only when you’ve reached that stage.

One final thing about offices: ruminate over whether you’d prefer a traditional office space or an open office space. Open office spaces are more cost-effective and space-saving. The trade-off is that employees in open offices tend to be unhappier and more stressed, according to studies.

Buy the Right Tech for Your Employees

After you’ve leased your office space, you’ll have to stock it with technology that’ll help your employees get their work done efficiently. You should add a few agency essentials: conference tables, TV monitors, laser printers, and ergonomic chairs.

But your most important pieces of equipment are computers. Consider getting laptops, because they’re easier to move and your employees will be able to take them home (maybe you can provide them with work-from-home days). But you should also consider getting a second monitor for your employees. Dual-monitor setups provide your staff with a larger digital interface to work. A widescreen monitor is most conducive for dual setups.

Maintain Impeccable Organization

You’re going to have a lot of files to keep organized. It begins with the company documents: brand guidelines, contact lists, and reference documents. But once you have clients, you’ll have a plethora of client documents to manage, too. It’s important that you get organized from the very beginning when you have a fewer number of documents. Once you have a large number of clients (and an even larger numer of documents), it gets extremely difficult to get everything organized.

Use applications like Google Drive and Dropbox for digital organizing. These programs allow you to store all work digital work documents on a single platform. They also enable you to make documents accessible for multiple parties, which is great if you’re trying to foster collaboration.

Stay Up-to-Date on Industry Practices

The marketing industry is always changing, in regards to SEO and social media practices. It’s important that you keep up-to-date with industry trends and make sure your employees do, too. Read SEO blogs and go to networking events to learn what other content marketing companies are doing.

Foster Cross-Department Collaboration

In the beginning, you’ll probably have employees wearing multiple hats. This gives you the opportunity to promote cross-department collaboration as your agency grows. A workplace always functions best when employees know what other departments are doing. Your social media, copywriting, outreach, graphic design, and SEO teams should all have a core understanding of what the other departments do. That will streamline work that’s done across different departments. Foster that environment in the beginning and watch it grow alongside your agency.


Here’s our last piece of advice: get an office pet! Animals make people happy and they’re a great way to help your employees relieve stress during the more stressful times of month. Be sure that your employees don’t have allergies, and, if they do, keep the pets in one designated area of the office. Every great content marketing agency has a great pet!