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Ever since the dawn of the social media age, marketers have been in an ongoing race to capitalize on the vast audiences now found on a variety of social platforms. Of course, there’s one social…
As Teens Flee Facebook, Marketers Should Turn to Snapchat
  • 142
  • 12/13
  • Philip Piletic
There are few if any technological platforms that have captured the public imagination, and public adoption, more than social media. A study by Statista predicts that social media networks in total will capture a staggering…
5 Tips to Nail a Product Launch on Social Media
  • 187
  • 12/12
  • Jen McKenzie
Getting more Instagram Likes is something that we all want nowadays. But the problem is that with so much content out there, why would people like and enjoy your stuff? That’s the primary thing to…
5 Tips to Get Instagram Likes
LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks in the world. Today, it boasts of more than 600 million registered accounts, of which more than half are active. Business professionals around the world use LinkedIn…
Using Facebook Contests to Build Brand Awareness, Engagement and More
  • 268
  • 11/28
  • Steven Garland
When it comes to your marketing campaigns, arguably no element is more important than that of audience analysis. Why? Understanding precisely who is buying your products or patronizing your services is essential to creating promotional…
Leveraging Social Media Data to Create Robust Buyer Personas
  • 162
  • 11/12
  • Courtney Myers
Influencer marketing is today’s buzzword.  I am not making this up. In fact it’s the fastest growing client acquisition method now.  There are many highly effective influencer marketing tactics available to choose from—Instagram influencer marketing,…
Get Started With Youtube Influencer Marketing
  • 150
  • 10/22
  • George
During the recently held Annual Global Partner Summit in New York, Facebook announced the launch of a diagnostic tool for agency partners. Called Creative Compass, the tool has been designed to provide a measure of…
Facebook Announces Launch of Creative Compass For Detailed Measure of Various Metrics
  • 37
  • 10/12
  • Relevance News Desk
LinkedIn, the globally-acclaimed platform for the working class and professionals, is all set to acquire Glint, a reputed employee engagement platform. The social network which has over 600 million users, and is now under the…
  • 143
  • 10/10
  • Relevance News Desk
Social media, although relatively new in the grand scheme of things, has become one of the most powerful tools in which we use in our everyday lives, both personally and professionally. You can make contact…
Using Facebook Contests to Build Brand Awareness, Engagement and More
The WSJ has reported a major breach at Google that has compromised data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users. It is believed that many third-party developers have accessed their data sometime in March this…
Using Facebook Contests to Build Brand Awareness, Engagement and More
  • 141
  • 10/09
  • Relevance News Desk
The digital research firm, eMarketer has some exciting news for Pinterest fans and followers. The social network’s ad revenues are expected to reach $553.3 billion this year. Pinterest will be hitting the one billion mark…
Pinterest Expected To Cross $1 Billion In Ad Revenue by 2020 According to eMarketer
  • 136
  • 10/03
  • Relevance News Desk
In a move that can potentially impact the video content landscape, Facebook is offering brands more option to be selective about the videos and shows they want to advertise on. This is a move similar…
Facebook Offers More Video Advertising Options to Take On YouTube
  • 177
  • 09/28
  • Relevance News Desk
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